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I'm not into football, in fact I hate it. But I must admit, they got funny ideas during the worldcup here. One of the better things was this football-ship with beach. They drove around on our main river Spree and played football under a net. After the game they can relax at the beach, a perfect solution! This looks like a lot of fun! BTW, I like to play the game, I just hate to watch it. But in this case even watching was fun! :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 18 2006 07:12 GMT stuboy
This is just great, what a brilliant idea.
I want one ;)))))))
Aug 18 2006 07:15 GMT uwp
Such a boat? Just go to the stores and buy one! :))))
Aug 18 2006 07:36 GMT cameo
Very funny indeed!
Aug 18 2006 07:38 GMT tyninca
wow great boat
Aug 18 2006 07:39 GMT uwp
Yes cameo! I think everyone would like to be on such a ship!
Aug 18 2006 07:40 GMT uwp
tyninca: yes, it was! Hopefully they repeat it or mix it with other ideas.
Aug 18 2006 08:15 GMT olala1
great !
Aug 18 2006 08:20 GMT uwp
Thanx olala1!
Aug 18 2006 09:37 GMT Poulet PRO
SO COOL and yep!!.......it's fun !!
BTW, I can't play football....but I'm a great fan and really love to watch it. ;)) lol
Aug 18 2006 09:43 GMT uwp
So, we don't share the same hobby but we can find things which are fun for both of us. :)
Aug 18 2006 10:56 GMT Mafernandes
Aug 18 2006 11:30 GMT uwp
Yes, lots of people has been interested in this boat. :)
Aug 18 2006 12:51 GMT jceca PRO
i love football... so, guess do i love this idea, too ??!! :-))
SOOOOO COOL !!!!!!!!!
Aug 18 2006 13:04 GMT uwp
Ok, jceca, in this case we just have this ship in common...
Aug 18 2006 14:26 GMT jomoud PRO
spectacular idea
that must have been great fun
and this photo shows it
terrific entry
Aug 18 2006 14:34 GMT uwp
I was in luck to picture it because there was no ad whatsoever for this...
Aug 18 2006 14:56 GMT joca
this is funn indeed! Though I too hate the sport, I believe I'd give it a go, in this ship!!!! Cool entry!
Aug 18 2006 15:00 GMT uwp
Thanx joca!
Aug 18 2006 17:48 GMT backstreets PRO
i wouldnt mind to have some fun here, it looks great !!! lovely entry !!
Aug 18 2006 19:15 GMT uwp
Thank you backstreets!
Aug 18 2006 20:20 GMT uwp
Thank you justju! Sometimes it's good to keep stuff to bring it out the right time...
Aug 19 2006 13:25 GMT Discovery
lot of fun on the ship !!
Aug 19 2006 13:27 GMT LizSA
Funfriday...great fun....really...I am amazed....the way people can
think of ways to enjoy themself...they had funnnn....
lovely to have such rivers ......
Aug 19 2006 15:11 GMT uwp
Thanx Lizsa & Discovery! There had been much more ways of fun, but I haven't got all of them on my camera screen...
Aug 19 2006 18:29 GMT bojtorjan
Lots of fun!
Aug 19 2006 20:13 GMT uwp
Yes, bojtorjan and Thanx!