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My first telescope shots of the moon
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 07 2006 10:10 GMT LizSA
wow, fantastic, it is so clear,,,,great...
Sep 07 2006 11:15 GMT uwp
Too bad that the lens of the camera is too far away from the eyepiece of the telescope, so the picture area is a little bit smaller than normal. Anyway, this has been made with an old Casio cam with 3x zoom. My newer Canon with 12x zoom doesn't create such pictures. I also have a 2x tele lens for the canon but even with this it won't become that good. I'll play around the next months, maybe I'll make it better one day. But this is a quite ok result, although it's a bit small, just 1 MegaPixel...
Sep 07 2006 12:15 GMT losp

Great capture (beautifully magnified) of the moon !!!
... Since I can't do such 1-mega-pixel image, I will
instead take a bun of such shape & characteristics,
have it on the table and then take a foto of it !!! .. Eh,
uwp, I'm doing the foto-stitching thing (I mentioned in
my caption of your ncouragement to me of such stitching
thing in 2 of my stitched fotos. THANKS .. I've some great
funs over it !) .. Best wishes of more creative/innovative FT
& other foto imaging in the months of September and October. ~~
Sep 07 2006 18:35 GMT uwp
losp: thank you! I bet your new camera would do it without telescope, just with the right lens-adaptor. This would be a bit expensive though...
Anyway, it's good to see you're moving forward. Panorama pics are really fun!
Sep 07 2006 18:35 GMT uwp
Qualquer: thank you very much!
Sep 07 2006 18:38 GMT uwp
justju, you're absolutely right. But these have been my first tests and those are the only 2 out of 20 that had been acceptable. I could have shown them in original size but it looks better in the small version because now you can even see the sharpness in the thumbnail. Anyway, I will not do this very often to drop below 1 megapixel. This size isn't printable anymore and so it's just some kind of "proof of concept". I just was too proud, I had to show it! :)
Sep 07 2006 20:26 GMT uwp
You're too kind! :)))
Sep 26 2006 12:48 GMT Gunship
Not to bad!! Keep it up.
Sep 26 2006 13:12 GMT uwp
Yes, I bought a new rail for my telescope (used: 1 Euro!) with which I also can use my newer Canon cam. In that case I maybe will have some good view on lots of craters. Hopefully...
Sep 26 2006 13:27 GMT Gunship
Yes if you have the proper equipment on you telescope then you can take lots of good shots.
The best thing being a very steady tripod!!
Sep 26 2006 21:35 GMT uwp
The whole thing is on a steady tripod, but without motor. So I will never get a clear picture of Jupiter or Saturn...:(
Sep 27 2006 12:16 GMT Gunship
Man those are the 2 best things to photograph too. Dont worry I had the same situation with my 10' Dobsonian telescope!
Sep 27 2006 12:24 GMT uwp
First I'll try with the moon. If this is working I might think about buying a better telescope with motor. Right now all of my lenses are not good enough, I can only see Jupiter and his moons as small points.