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Panoramic picture of the Sacre Cœur in Paris, 8 MPix
(Original: 3 pictures)

Panoramabild vom Sacre Cœur in Paris, 8 Megapixel
(Original: 3 Bilder)

I deleted the old one with this enourmous error. This, in fact, has the same error, but it's very hard to see, you have to pump up the picture upto 150-200% to see it. I'd say that's good enough for quality-control...
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 16 2006 21:05 GMT Elise
this is stunning.......well done!!
Jul 16 2006 21:17 GMT uwp
Thanx Elise! It was hard work to scale down the error, more than 2 hours...
Jul 16 2006 21:44 GMT szel
Beautiful series. Congratulations.
Jul 16 2006 21:54 GMT nicoalfredo
wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 16 2006 23:47 GMT uwp
Thank you szel!
Jul 16 2006 23:47 GMT uwp
Thanx nicoalfredo! BTW, I still have some more panos to come, just be patient...
Jul 17 2006 07:41 GMT losp

Very impressive presentation .. excellently executed !!!
Jul 17 2006 08:25 GMT uwp
Thanx losp! Will you also do pano pictures? :)
Jul 17 2006 11:48 GMT losp

uwp .. I've never tried one ! My camera is clumsy:
take a few fotos & piece them together = too tedious !
May be in many months to come, I've a better camera
with such pano lens & other lenses. .. I'll consult you
when I intend to go into pano scenes (esp sunrise scene
over the mountain ranges). THANKS, REGARDS &
Jul 17 2006 12:11 GMT uwp
The lens are not the special part, every cam can do panoramic pictures. Some cameras has a helping mode to make better panos but even this isn't necessary. The software to stitch them together, that's the thing you need.
Jul 18 2006 01:45 GMT losp

uwp .. THANKS .. I will read my Canon IXUS 400 manual
.. Then shall try it this Friday or Saturday at DBCH & stitch
the 2 pieces together into one. I'll let you know as soon as
I've done it. .. Yes, I still owe you one foto on the Sabah
ancient-train piece at the Railway Station here (half an
hour drive from my home) ! .. Have another very rewarding
week this week. .. Warmest regards. ~~
Jul 18 2006 05:32 GMT uwp
Huh? C'mon, you owe me nothing. But I'm waiting for your panoramic pics, this will be exciting! :)
Jul 23 2006 20:50 GMT korni
splendid image !!!!
Jul 23 2006 20:51 GMT uwp
Good to know that you liked it! So my short trip to Paris didn't seem to be useless. :))))