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Now there are 6 of them! And they form a robots face! OH NO!
(If I won't ever post again, they have been eating me instead of vice versa...)

this is image 3 of 3 of this story, start over here:

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 15 2010 17:15 GMT StrongSilentType
Haha, excellent eggs!
Oct 15 2010 17:16 GMT uwp
It's not easy to tell a story here. Which image should go first?
Oct 15 2010 17:28 GMT Icandoit
interesting composition TFS
Oct 15 2010 17:30 GMT uwp
No, really! I didn't do anything! They form this completely by themselves! It's totally uncontrollable! :)
Oct 15 2010 17:33 GMT Annamaria
Nice story, Udo! ;-)) And good looking eggs... you seem to have a wonder-pan...;-)
Oct 15 2010 17:37 GMT uwp
Yes, but it seemed to be a doomed one! :)
Oct 15 2010 17:47 GMT Annamaria
Why doomed?? You can show us very nice things...;-) and I bet the eggs taste well too!-))
Oct 15 2010 17:57 GMT uwp
I'm suspicious 'bout them. And have you seen it? They got more and more! It might be dangerous to eat them! They are a new life form: fried eggs!!!
Oct 15 2010 18:12 GMT Annamaria
Intruders looking like fried eggs.... hmmm dangerous...;-))
Oct 15 2010 18:51 GMT sini