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...Followup from the last picture...

And when we have one rebel there will be more. This image isn't about a rebel anymore, it stands for revolution! :)))
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 24 2008 06:43 GMT misscharlie52
Ha, love it. Also find your profile amusing, funny that the book you hate the most is actually one of my favorites. Schaue ich jetzt bloed aus, oder was? Have a wonderful day...
Apr 24 2008 09:07 GMT uwp
Na, wat denn nu? Inglisch or doitsh? Of course, wir can misch it, so niemand can read es gut. Höhö...:)

I think, I'll stay in english. Well what can I say? Taste is different and Phil K. Dick has written better books than "do androids dream of electric sheep?". But that's just my opinion and as long as your and my country have a freedom-like constitution you're completely free to have a totally opposite opinion. :)))))

BTW, one of his best books is "Second Variety" and even the movie is exactly like the scenes in my mind when I'm reading the book. This is very seldom I only had this with "Shining" or "Christine". But don't blame me, when you read or watch it and it's boring or disgusting to you! :)
Apr 24 2008 17:41 GMT misscharlie52
Nothing is ever boring or disgusting - the worst that can happen is " hmmmm?"