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And another view, this time with strange green cars...

Und noch eins aus einer anderen Perspektive, mit grünen Autos...
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Comments on this photo:

May 28 2006 04:37 GMT Discovery
Thanks for this little Serie about the opening Udo, and i m happy that youre not under the victims from this stupid idiot !! Then i heart it on radio, i thought "our Udo is also on the opening.."
May 28 2006 10:56 GMT uwp
No, luckily I've been there only until 21:30 and the stabbing was after 23:00. If you wanna know more, read this:

May 28 2006 19:36 GMT veryvera
thanks for the information ...very interesting ....^v^
May 28 2006 19:53 GMT uwp
Today there was even more in the news: there were a lot of people helping those ones who have been stabbed. So those helpers also had direct contact to the blood and also should go to the hospitals for AIDS tests. But today they also said, that the one who was HIV positive and was stabbed very early doesn't have a big virus concentration in his blood. Nevertheless the victims have to take pills for about 4 weeks minimum...
May 28 2006 20:42 GMT veryvera
you wonder what the world is coming to dont you ....its frightening ...^v^
May 28 2006 22:13 GMT uwp
Ah, there are idiots everywhere, this can happen everytime and at any place. I'm only wondering that he could hit that many people before someone stopped him.