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Terminus, The Homeless
Summer 2011

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 07 2011 18:47 GMT abojovna PRO
Comfortable place !!!
Aug 07 2011 19:08 GMT bandsix
Sad that people have to live this way...and that's an awful scar on his arm.....
Aug 07 2011 19:27 GMT FLUMP
A harsh reality...
Aug 08 2011 04:37 GMT geobak
Excellent social capture.
Aug 08 2011 13:42 GMT junne PRO
yes, an outstanding capture of the "down and out" the gap is widening and we cannot be enough reminded of the difference of the "have and have nots"
Aug 11 2011 02:06 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Homelessness and the stigma that goes with it should shame the politicians to their graves.
Aug 12 2011 14:53 GMT Donjames
And its getting worse, the greed of the "haves" is destroying society
Aug 12 2011 21:47 GMT janos
Szociális segélyre várva...
Aug 13 2011 06:48 GMT ujbanyiv
Ezek már nem kapnak. :-(
Beszélgettem velük 5 percet.
Ki lettek lakoltatva, az elmarad közüzemi és egyéb számlák miatt...
Aug 16 2011 18:48 GMT Nakolezestodoly
A sad way of live ...
Aug 20 2011 09:58 GMT cobaltblue
no words are necessary, only actions
Aug 23 2011 20:43 GMT GeoffReeves
Oh wow..
Nov 18 2011 01:44 GMT Wildspirit PRO
The direction of many societies of today is to revere and respect the rich; hapless people like this will get to heaven, though. Great photo, my friend.