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Tags watch small


The Watch

A small watch digital time piece.


For some time I wondered if I would take up digital painting as an alternative to digital photography. After experimenting with it for half a year I haven't come up with a masterpiece but my graphic art and retouching, ie. brushwork on a photograph has improved a bit.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 14 2013 20:54 GMT junne PRO
and i thought you are selling watches :-)))
Mar 15 2013 05:16 GMT twsottawan PRO
No junne I just do this as a hobby. I'm an NPO non-profit organisation.
Mar 15 2013 07:37 GMT daveb
Not accurate enough for me. I was an RAF navigator in earlier life and needed to know the time to the exact second. Old habits die hard
Mar 15 2013 14:53 GMT Donjames
It surely has....I often look at your work
Mar 15 2013 16:28 GMT twsottawan PRO
Fact is nowadays more than ever watches are just a fashion accessory. A hand held electronic computing device can get you there to within a second of longtitude. But this little small watch is not for military navigation or for timing the changing of the guard. $15.00 including sport bracelet. I am not taking orders for this item.
Mar 15 2013 19:49 GMT legs4daze PRO
hello my sir... about a month after i moved into my new flat, i found a watch in the living room, no one claimed it, or knew anything about it. the black leather band is adorned with silver studs, and a small flap unsnaps to reveal the timepiece. i took it to the jeweler, he replaced the battery; took it to the shoe repair, he fixed the worn strap, and i do indeed wear it more for appearances. $30 for a free watch! however it's strangely comforting to know i have the time ON ME... i don't know anyone personally who wears a watch. what an interesting observation for you to make. p.s. greetings from Oregon to Canada ;o)