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Door Handles, Model A Ford
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 18 2013 07:34 GMT twsottawan PRO
Pea2007 / "Clever boy and I thought they were door knobs.LOL"

You shouldn't laugh out loud Mr. P. you are just embarrassing yourself. Try keeping it to yourself like your Fotothing photos.
Sep 19 2013 21:17 GMT twsottawan PRO
Pea2007 / "embarrassing....never....... nobody looks at your crap anyway".

My my, what a kill shot. Did you see this car as a black hearse, is that why you made this comment. If you need to do the "little Big Man" standoff to the death Mr. P. why don't you volunteer for the military and act out your quarrel with the world in the streets of Damascus. I'm sure they will welcome your presence there. You are such a Warrior. What did they say a half decade ago, A Master of the Universe. I imagine you never say die, "never give up".And yes I am just an old man who lost it a long time ago. How is the air in the Alps now. Probably a bit drafty and uncertain at this time of year, I imagine.Thank-you Mr. P., Happy Trails to you and Happy Tales to your loved ones.
Sep 21 2013 19:09 GMT twsottawan PRO

yes you are an old man who lost it a long time ago.....you have nothing much to left .
The quarrel I have with you I will end now .
Live well old man.


Promises, promises. Have we really seen the last of you? Seems too much to hope for.

I had wanted to tell you this in a private message, but that does not seem possible with your account at the present time. If you are having trouble leaving this website permanently please make an appointment at the Frankenstein Clinic in Zurich. They can help you there. Your behaviour here has been monstrous. If you need to establish your masculinity in some sort of conflict try a gym or a dojang. You can get knocked up there quite easily. You are not having any success with that here. Your behaviour looks quite odd or queer now and has for some time. Live badly Mr. P. and go to hell. Maybe then when you have done your sentence and your punishment yyou can go to the middle ground in purgatory. I would think that is a long way off for you. Bye Buy Mr. P.