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NE Arboretum in Snow
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 20 2013 11:27 GMT Papagena
A fabulous composition of impressive building and beautiful snow-covered firtrees!!
Jan 20 2013 19:21 GMT twsottawan PRO
Arboretums in winter can be an excellent subject. The fir trade was a founding industry in this Valley. Thank-you for noticing.

The Valley that this scene appears in is deceptive. It is not just a river valley. It extends far beyond that. The slopes of the Valley are very gentle or even considered flat in their rise in altitude until the Rockie Mountain Chain some 3000 miles away from the river at the Eastern edge of the Rockie Mountain Chain. On the Eastern side of the river here the definition of the edge of the Valley is not clearly defined. Depending on choice of criterion, the Eastern edge might be thought to be 10 to 1000 miles away from the shore line. These estimates would span several watersheds but the rise in altitude is not great relative to other more dramatic geographies.

The photograph of the snow scene depicted here is not the most shock and awe inspiring photograph of its type but it is what was available to me on the day that I recorded it. This photo is a PS (point and shoot)
Jan 20 2013 21:47 GMT twsottawan PRO
Pea2007 has stated and I quote :

"If you want to use my photos as your ideal joke then you had better watch your back because one of these days someone or something will make a joke out of you.....Ponce. "


No Mr. P. the record is clear on that. You have tried to make a joke of me already and failed at it. You can make a joke of anything. Your obvious hostility toward me and your effort to make a joke of my photos and my life and person has motivated me to reciprocate. If you are finding that more than you can cope with there is an obvious solution.
Jan 21 2013 09:58 GMT twsottawan PRO
Yes Mr. P. of course Mr. P. Not feeling very quick today are you. Get up in the Schnellbahn in the sky again. A heavy carrier and a heavy price tag, that`s the ticket.
Jan 21 2013 15:20 GMT twsottawan PRO
"If you want to use my photos as your ideal joke then you had better watch your back" / Pea2007

I don't use your photos, I hardly ever looked at them. Ideas and jokes are in the Ether(net) if my ideas are similar to yours maybe it's because we have some common experience after all.
Jan 22 2013 10:59 GMT twsottawan PRO
That's an abusive remark Mr. P. Best do a tuneup on your marksmanship. Do you pay in Marks from the old days or are you just a legacy Marxist.
Jan 22 2013 11:57 GMT twsottawan PRO
Wot that you are some pinko Marxist that's just emerging from the political haze.