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This is a refrigerator for employee use at the place where I work. For some reason, people think it is a repository for unwanted food, so over time it fills up with moldy, rotting garbage. Leftovers in expensive glass containers are left indefinitely to decompose! As a result, we have to clean the fridge out periodically. This is how the refrigerator looked right before being cleaned last Friday. Even extensive warning notices of the impending cleaning (it all gets tossed in the trash) posted weeks in advance do not reduce the quantity of stuff, as you can see. There's scarcely any room for anyone's lunch!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 20 2008 06:14 GMT Foggydew
hehe - see what you mean :)
Apr 20 2008 09:20 GMT styxpix
Food is just too cheap... Couldn't you identify the owners of some of the contents and then dump the rotting, smelly remains in their desks???
Apr 20 2008 09:23 GMT garynumber1cleaner
i see this sort of thing and notices at places i clean... if you open fridge to make a tea or coffee (get milk) the smell is horrible and we dont make tea (even the milk at times is rotten sludge) nice too see you after pic... it wont be like that for long though
May 15 2009 23:01 GMT Snappa
Same happens where I work...