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This is a photo from Michelle Bernstein's restaurant, Michy's, in Miami. The restaurant is indoor...


This is a photo from Michelle Bernstein's restaurant, Michy's, in Miami. The restaurant is indoor/outdoor. These beautiful lights hung from the ceiling. Again, not using a flash, I took the photo. I tried to remove all the people. The photo was very grainy so I adjusted the saturation and brightness to remove as much as I could. Not great but an incredible improvement from the original.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 09 2013 16:02 GMT jnevins
Why so tiny? Remember that new work taken for this class counts toward the grade...

Taken: 2013:04:10 20:21:07
Manufacturer: Apple
Camera: iPhone 5
Jun 10 2013 15:32 GMT tmknies
Please help to understand how this is not new work?
Jun 10 2013 15:45 GMT jnevins
New work means work done for the assignments on a week to week basis.. after the class started. I'm happy to look at and respond to work done before class started but I do want everyone to be actively shooting 50/week during the time class is on...

Here is what I said about this in the syllabus:

Academic Expectations:

Post at least twice a week to the class blog. Care about the quality as well as quantity of your creative work, help and collaborate with others in the class, communicate openly with me…. Do your best. Your portfolio posted to Fotothing will be the tangible evidence of your progress in the medium but your overall contributions will play a role in determining your grade as well. Don't wait until near the end, then run around and try to get your work done in a rush... that's like skipping class all semester. Go shooting each week, post each week, let me track your progress on your fotothing.com portfolio. You may keep working on earlier assignments until the end. You may replace earlier work with newer work you like better. Your final grade is based on "The Big Picture", that is, how well you have tried to understand the assignment and worked to create pieces reflecting the spirit of the task at hand, your progress in the medium, your contributions through posting comments on other's work on the class blog as well as on fotothing, Effort counts! A minimum of 55 edited images should be in fotothing for me to review. Set your camera's date correctly... that is an important part of how I check your work and progress. Only new work done for this class is acceptable for counting towards your grade.