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Hello!!!! The sheep in Wales.


Hello!!!! The sheep in Wales.
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Comments on this photo:

May 10 2005 20:50 GMT Tanzle PRO
Looks like the farmer has plenty. . . do you think he'd notice I borrowed one?
May 10 2005 20:50 GMT molnigen
I joined fotothing today and I really enjoy it as your photos too - this is great
May 10 2005 20:59 GMT belinketeneghe PRO
they saw you.
May 10 2005 21:11 GMT anomalous PRO
very pink floyd.
May 10 2005 21:21 GMT DiscipleLove777
This is an awesome shot!
May 10 2005 21:30 GMT maniax
nice pic! and you're spotted by them ;)
May 10 2005 21:38 GMT OutdoorExposure
very nicce landscape photo. color is awesome
May 10 2005 22:10 GMT widderson PRO

hmm .. I guess, bucolic in the sense of Shakespeare ....
May 10 2005 22:54 GMT rescue193uk PRO
Great shot - love the colours
May 10 2005 22:57 GMT yumi
Peaceful and calm...
May 10 2005 23:59 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
OOOOoo look at those beautiful white sheep. Brings back memories of my trip to New Zealand 20 some yeara ago. The whitness of the sheep there amazed me too, sheep in Montana and Nevada are dusty grey!!

Thanx for the nice welcome!!
May 11 2005 00:05 GMT HMBPA PRO
Wonderful pastoral scene...well done!!
May 11 2005 01:22 GMT ashdad PRO
So many! And such lush green grass.
May 11 2005 06:56 GMT kosmos PRO
What a lovely landscape!
May 11 2005 07:02 GMT grimp PRO
'Nice shot. Looks quiet for London.'
The Barbican Centre is quite a busy place, actually. There was this quiet spot where the girl was making her call.
May 11 2005 09:10 GMT OverKell PRO
I like this. It's so mellow. A woman at work told me she got chased by a flock of sheep once and it scared her. Nope, I just couldn't contain myself from bursting into laughter in her face. she didn't really speak to me again after that.
May 11 2005 10:12 GMT salamandrina PRO
so lovely makes me want to be there
May 12 2005 15:59 GMT nutts2020
careful, man - i hear that the welsh are pretty protective when it comes to people looking at their girlfriends!!!