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Apr 19 2007 20:36 GMT xviiarcano
The hud is like that... cause it's handy to have everything important in front of you and this is achieved trough a semireflective mirror (you see trough it but you also see what a perpendicular projector inside the console superimposes), the green lines are aesy to see against most backgrounds and don't stress the aye with trails or glares, there you find in a very sober layout a bearing, artificial horizon altimeter and a graphic interface depending on the weapon armed... plus some other minor info. In this frame the hud exceeds the semireflective mirror... guess it's a game thing or you haveone of those fancy hud-integrating helmet.

The top left monitor should be a radar, fir and square... nothing to explain I guess.
The bottom left and right screen can be changed to dispaly various informations. In the screenshot you have a digital artificial horizon (bottom left) showing what seem to be some sort of navigation hint, like the ones used to guide the landings or perhaps a checkpoint?

The scren on bottom right is amultifunction too (you canchange with the grey buttons alla round according to the digital labels on the screen itself) but I can't figure out what does it currently shows.

Well hope I've been of some help... that's all I know ^_^'