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I happened to look out the window tonight and caught 3 of these wee guys flitting about with one of my cats extremely interested.
After shooing of the cat I tried to get some photos of these fast wee guys. They never seem to stay still for more than a second or 2
Thanks to Rainbow I can tell you they are
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 01 2009 06:27 GMT sini
So cute! Great capture!:)
Apr 01 2009 06:33 GMT teddybear2
Thank you sini
Apr 01 2009 06:40 GMT rainbow71
I can never get a piwakawaka they are so fast, wonderful shot.
Apr 01 2009 06:44 GMT teddybear2
They certainly are fast. There were a lot of shots of little blurs.
Thank you for the proper name as well Lauretta
Apr 01 2009 07:06 GMT lunacrout
Lovely shot of a cute little bird, LOVE the name too - do they make a noise like that?
Apr 01 2009 07:09 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Lunacrout. They sort of make a tweeting sort of noise as they constantly flit about
Apr 01 2009 07:19 GMT Snappa
Really sweet shot.
Apr 01 2009 07:25 GMT teddybear2
Thank you snappa
Apr 01 2009 09:26 GMT clintonfolks
walking the line... wonderful picture.!!!
Apr 01 2009 09:30 GMT MargNZ
Lucky you Shirley ..I have been trying for ages to capture one ! Lovely birds .
Apr 01 2009 09:40 GMT teddybear2
Thank you clintonfolks
Apr 01 2009 09:41 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Marg. They are certainly not the easiest to capture
Apr 01 2009 12:41 GMT senna3
Excellent capture!
Apr 01 2009 15:33 GMT martini957
sweet shot....great grip those little feet have
Apr 01 2009 23:09 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Peter
Apr 01 2009 23:10 GMT teddybear2
Thank you martini. They do not stay still long enough to balance
Apr 02 2009 06:30 GMT Midworlder PRO
Very hard to photograph !!!
Apr 02 2009 06:36 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Roger. They certainly are. Lots of photos with blured tails