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Oamaru opera house lights up at night like a musical christmas tree with rotating colours
Last night was a great night to be out taking photos as everyone else was watching the rugby
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2011 11:41 GMT julie13
Nice shot
Sep 10 2011 11:43 GMT Littleollie
And why weren't you at home with Barry watching the AB's Shirley, where is your sense of patriotism?
Sep 10 2011 12:46 GMT sheasoru68
Ah yes... I can see that nobody in NZ cares much for the Rugby........ NOT.....

Nice photo btw..
Sep 10 2011 13:54 GMT hallo
Lights up for our pleasure!
Sep 10 2011 15:26 GMT elsje323
beautiful light
Sep 10 2011 17:12 GMT sini
Nice night shot!:)
Sep 10 2011 17:15 GMT Annamaria
Great colours!! Well done!!
Sep 10 2011 20:57 GMT MargNZ
Very beautiful Shirley .... great idea to have Oamaru all to yourself last night :))
Sep 10 2011 23:44 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Julie
Sep 10 2011 23:47 GMT teddybear2
John, someone had to make sure the streets were safe and I was just the person.
Barry was out with a mate anyways
Sep 10 2011 23:48 GMT teddybear2
Sheasoru there are a few of us that do not do rugby though not many
Sep 10 2011 23:48 GMT teddybear2
Thank you hallo
Sep 10 2011 23:48 GMT teddybear2
Thank you elsje
Sep 10 2011 23:48 GMT teddybear2
Thank you sini
Sep 10 2011 23:49 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Annamaria
Sep 10 2011 23:49 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Marg.
Sep 11 2011 03:42 GMT jomoud PRO
Very eye catching
Sep 11 2011 04:54 GMT teddybear2
It certainly is jomoud.
Sep 11 2011 09:13 GMT rainbow71
Great captures, the colour look great. Don't worry we're not rugby fans either.
Sep 11 2011 09:20 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Lauretta. It would be not as bad if it was not all that we have heard for the last few months. It is better than disasters though on the news
Sep 11 2011 14:43 GMT FLUMP
This is extremely pretty
Sep 11 2011 19:44 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Flump