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Tags moeraki


Moeraki boulders, New Zealand
The Moeraki Boulders are huge spherical stones that are scattered over the sandy beaches, but they are not like ordinary round boulders that have been shaped by rivers and pounding seas. These boulders are classed as septarian concretions, and were formed in ancient sea floor sediments. They were created by a process similar to the formation of oyster pearls, where layers of material cover a central nucleus or core. For the oyster, this core is an irritating grain of sand. For the boulders, it was a fossil shell, bone fragment, or piece of wood. Lime minerals in the sea accumulated on the core over time, and the concretion grew into perfectly spherical shapes up to three metres in diameter.

The original mudstone seabed has since been uplifted to form coastal cliffs. Erosion of the cliffs has released the three tonne captive boulders, which now lie in a haphazard jumble across the beach. Further erosion in the atmosphere has exposed a network of veins, which gives the boulders the appearance of turtle shells. Similar boulders occur at Shag Point, and the nearby swimming beach of Katiki. In Hawke�s Bay in the North Island, scientists have found that the central core of similar boulders contained perfectly preserved skeletons of turtles, sea snails and extinct reptiles, such as plesiosaurs.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2010 11:56 GMT iyerhari
very beautiful!
Jan 03 2010 14:04 GMT sini
Wonderful view!:)
Jan 03 2010 16:40 GMT martini957
Jan 03 2010 18:11 GMT elsje323
beautiful view
Jan 03 2010 18:36 GMT superJoan
Saw some like this on the East coast of North Island Shirley, not many but they were there
Jan 03 2010 19:39 GMT teddybear2
Thank you iyerhari
Jan 03 2010 19:40 GMT teddybear2
Thank you sini
Jan 03 2010 19:40 GMT teddybear2
Thank you nancy
Jan 03 2010 19:40 GMT teddybear2
Thank you elsje
Jan 03 2010 19:41 GMT teddybear2
Joan I am sure someone must have pinched Moeraki's then. lol
Jan 03 2010 19:53 GMT GraniteRoad
Nice round rocks. Do you know the type of material they are made of?
Jan 03 2010 19:57 GMT senna3
Superb seascape photo!
Jan 03 2010 19:57 GMT teddybear2
GraniteRoad I have added some information for you.
Jan 03 2010 20:02 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Peter
Jan 03 2010 20:19 GMT rainbow71
I love going to the boulders, first time I have seen them at high tide though.
Jan 03 2010 20:26 GMT teddybear2
Thank you Lauretta. It is the first time I have seen them at high tide as well. The tide was almost up to the hill.
Jan 04 2010 10:24 GMT gran1
Shirley, I see you got to go, any fish? Bet it was a lovely day you had with the family. Weather here was initially cool then turned out similar to christmas day.
Jan 04 2010 11:21 GMT teddybear2
Loretta it was an awesome day. pity about the weather today though
Jan 04 2010 13:16 GMT superJoan
Hawkes Bay Shirley as in your write up
Jan 05 2010 04:44 GMT teddybear2
Yes Joan though I have only seen them at moeraki
Jan 05 2010 23:35 GMT junne PRO
very interesting
Jan 06 2010 06:39 GMT teddybear2
Thank you junne
Jan 18 2010 22:12 GMT jmcdh
Beautiful image
Jan 19 2010 05:13 GMT teddybear2
Thank you jmcdh