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i miss that car, i sold it in july.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 21 2007 03:27 GMT JPHarr
I had an '80-something Grand Prix that was much like your Olds. But that piece o' crap 3.8 V-6 was nothing but trouble. These days, twenty years later, I sure would have replaced it with a Chevy 383 stroker!
Sep 21 2007 21:59 GMT tanyaf
or a 427
Sep 22 2007 02:04 GMT JPHarr
Yeah... would it fit? I like the way you think!
Sep 22 2007 02:21 GMT tanyaf
move a few things i think you could pull it off. last week i saw a mazda rx7 with a 350 dropped into it
Sep 22 2007 17:22 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, I have seen first-gen Nissan 280Z V-8 conversions, too. And Volvos can be easily modified to take a small-block V-8. I know there is at least one company making a conversion kit for the Ford Focus that allows you to drop a 5.0 between the framerails, while adding goodies like a Ford 8.8 rear end to the formerly front-wheel-drive platform. Wouldn't THAT be a fun sleeper?
I already have a Focus ZX5. Now to convince the missus that we need to upgrade power a little bit.... =)
Sep 22 2007 22:32 GMT tanyaf
like to see that up on 2 wheels. on pink (speed channel) they had a 350 in what looked like a gremlin. thing made it to the finals on the strip. Anyways, you could always try to save little by little and buy things individualy, get some guys over to help you put it all together. thats what i do.
Sep 22 2007 22:33 GMT tanyaf
oh and jegs has alot for the focus
Sep 23 2007 18:37 GMT JPHarr
I'd prefer a pit crew of cool gals. Know any? ;-)

For now the Focus is her everyday commuter. Once in a while I like to make sure it'll still get a little scratch in the 1-2 shift.

Speaking of up on two wheels, I once had a Renault LeCar up on two wheels ~ the left two. I was way drunk and racing a buddy, and using the handbrake to help me around the corners. It tipped, I lost steering control, drove up over the curb and through a fence. A few days later, everything was okay again. I later drove that car from California to Michigan, and it got sold.
Sep 23 2007 20:12 GMT tanyaf
lol,i would pay to see that. no dont know any, i mostly hang out with guys
Sep 24 2007 01:18 GMT hotrodharleys
Could have been a nice lowrider
Sep 26 2007 03:10 GMT tanyaf
i was gona throw in a small block, some air shocks, custom paint, spoke rims the whole nine. unfort. it ended up needing to much. ill get another one one day. maybe ill get the hurst version next time!
Sep 29 2007 01:35 GMT fourdeadpresidents
OOOOO... a Cut!!! I knew JP would be all over that also. 3 weeks my 442 will be out of the paint shop.
Sep 29 2007 01:36 GMT tanyaf
you better post the pics! its the yellow one in your photos right?
Sep 29 2007 01:40 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Sep 29 2007 01:41 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Soon it will be Candied Copperhead Orange.
Sep 29 2007 01:45 GMT tanyaf
cool, cant wait to see it. why did i think that was yellow? sorry just typing to my self ! !!!!!!!!!!:)