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This is my shepherd dog Abear. He lived with the sheep in the most remote pastures and protected them from foxes and wild dogs. Abear was murdered by an imbecile. I miss my most noble dog.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 18 2010 11:59 GMT Rabbitwmn
Beautiful dog and photo. He looks like my Pyrenees.

"Imbecile" is too nice of a word for whoever did that!
Feb 18 2010 16:11 GMT poshbird
He was a gorgeous looking dog and I agree with Rabbitwmn.
Feb 18 2010 19:07 GMT Tavascarow
I agree with the previous comments.
You have my sympathy.
I know how close the bond is.
Feb 19 2010 02:25 GMT potterjo
Beautiful dog. I am so sorry.
Feb 19 2010 08:38 GMT tallgrasser
So sorry I vented. Felt a weakness last night. Can't say any more.
Feb 19 2010 10:23 GMT MargNZ
Oh dear Wes that is so horrible ... Abear was gorgeous and I am sorry .
Feb 21 2010 15:40 GMT lossieloon
So sad and I too agree with Rabittwmn - imbecile is too kind a word for someone who could do that!
Mar 15 2010 19:26 GMT Aashita
I know what it means. Beautiful dog.
Mar 19 2010 20:28 GMT Annamaria
You understand that you feel so sad....

Killing a harmless animal is so mean....
I feel sorry for you.....