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The best things in life comes in small packages...LOL

remember this YES?


This is the BEST,
PLOPP YA right back Vince
and thank You very much!

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 17 2007 20:10 GMT bennystr
Happy Birthday Suzanne!
Dec 17 2007 20:12 GMT bobart
Nice, S ... lovely composition.
Dec 17 2007 20:15 GMT sini
Happy Birthday!:)
Dec 17 2007 20:16 GMT u40
dobre foto
very nice!
Dec 17 2007 20:22 GMT Rasle
Happy birthday Suzanne....
Dec 17 2007 20:23 GMT Carlimauda
nice photo I like b&w.......
Dec 17 2007 20:25 GMT Carlimauda
BTW.....Happy birthday Suzanne, I hope you have had a wunderfull day....
Dec 17 2007 20:29 GMT nimbus
happy birthday suzanne!
i wish you all your dreams come true and make you happy:)

Best Regards
Dec 17 2007 20:29 GMT fredaFunSite
happy bday??
happy bday!!! happy bday!!!
i want....vannila cake!! hihihi
and a cup of coffee!!
long life sis! :D
Dec 17 2007 20:30 GMT suzannesmash
Nooo..happy birthday is tomorrow..lol but heeeey thanks dear...LOVE!! and LIFE..
Dec 17 2007 20:31 GMT suzannesmash
Theodora, such a majestetic and beautiful name thank you very much..
but i have to say, my birthday is tomorrow...but heeey, who cares..lol,
its only years..so many too
Dec 17 2007 20:38 GMT fredaFunSite
oh tmrw!
i will sing u b'day song then and will ask dav to play the guitar.
my advice is...no matter what happens while I singing...just don't cover your ears! :D
Dec 17 2007 20:38 GMT suzannesmash
No, just coffee in my ears, thats a promise big time...hahaha
Dec 17 2007 20:45 GMT mais
Dec 17 2007 20:47 GMT Midworlder PRO
Happy Birthday my friend
Dec 17 2007 20:48 GMT YesHello
Love the hat and stockings!!!! Here's a huge early birthday hug !!!
Dec 17 2007 20:49 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You Carolyn, you have to listen to the youtube link..HAHAHA
Dec 17 2007 20:53 GMT YesHello
LMAO!!!!! thats awesome !!!
Dec 17 2007 20:56 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Roger, say it tomorrow again..lol, 44 times.
Dec 17 2007 21:02 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Happy day before your Birthday!!
Dec 17 2007 21:03 GMT suzannesmash
HA BILL, i know its yours anyday now too...thank you, and happy before you too
Dec 17 2007 21:03 GMT VinceHopson1
Plopp is plop..........


Love YA !

Dec 17 2007 21:10 GMT VisionThing
hi there, nice foto!
Dec 17 2007 21:11 GMT fufu
Happy b-day and many more.
Dec 17 2007 21:12 GMT seemolf
Ok, your birthday has started somewhere on this little earth.
..and I can't stay up till midnight.
So - happy birthday to you, Suzanne!
Dec 17 2007 21:13 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I think you ll look tomorrow the same way you look today....43 or 44 who cares...
Dec 17 2007 21:14 GMT suzannesmash
Thats correct, not corrupt..everyday is something new
Dec 17 2007 21:16 GMT marijke06
gratuleras suzanne!!! i morgon ! :)
Dec 17 2007 21:24 GMT Felixthecat
Happy birthday tomorrow Suzanne!
Dec 17 2007 21:28 GMT abojovna PRO
Shik! Happy Birtday celebration, dear Suzanne!
Dec 17 2007 21:32 GMT MCCCXIV
Happy Birthday Suzanne, and yet another great photo from you, I love your style :-)
Dec 17 2007 21:34 GMT mtlhj
Dec 17 2007 21:34 GMT LisaSam67
Happy Birthday sweety!
Dec 17 2007 21:40 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You cookie!
Dec 17 2007 21:42 GMT Lubranco
All the very best for you Suzanne :))
Dec 17 2007 21:57 GMT dcz
fantastic portrait
Dec 17 2007 22:05 GMT stuboy

Happy Birthday XXXX
Dec 17 2007 22:46 GMT Jaapie PRO
Happy birthday! I'll send you some snow for your birthday.
Dec 17 2007 22:57 GMT micati
Happy Birthday Suzanne...................44 kisses from Belgium.
Have a wonderful day !!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 17 2007 23:19 GMT jceca PRO
FULLY agree with you !!!!!!!!!!
about small packages .... :-))

happy, happy, happyyyyyyyy birthday !!!!!
Dec 17 2007 23:20 GMT hans55 PRO
happy birthday dear suzanne ...you dont look a day older to me !! :-))
Dec 17 2007 23:24 GMT bazer PRO
Happy Birthday S M Beautifull as ever !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-]
Dec 17 2007 23:26 GMT fredaFunSite
it's midnight there!!!
i know u are not around!!!
have fun!. drink more and drink for me too!

happy b'day darling. LONG life suzzane!! hihihihi
coffee once u wake up! i know u will get hang over. ;))
Dec 17 2007 23:47 GMT magnus
nice photo, happy birthday
Dec 18 2007 05:24 GMT VinceHopson1
I'd should send you some REAL chocolate, but you might faint from the pleasure.

Dec 18 2007 06:05 GMT gtc126
Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!! Fabulous capture!!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 06:33 GMT Kurt
...and what a lovely little package this is, hehe..
Happy Birthday, my friend..;-)
Dec 18 2007 07:26 GMT dcz
felicidades ( happy birthday)
Dec 18 2007 07:30 GMT Kaska
Happy Birthday Suzanne!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 07:32 GMT brummieboy
Happy birthday ......
Dec 18 2007 08:01 GMT Anland
Very stylish photo!
Tuesday is good for memories ;-)
Dec 18 2007 09:09 GMT LaCamille
GRATTIS och Happy bday, hoppas presenten passar och att har en bra dag ;-))))
Puss! Önskar syster yster.
Dec 18 2007 09:12 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha, tack har ocksa....puss och puss och puss till alla darhemma
Dec 18 2007 09:47 GMT hallo
Happy birthday and enjoy the occasion, I was born few days earlier...2nd Dec to be precise :)
Dec 18 2007 09:51 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
That guy eating that Plopp is well funny LOL He is soooo enjoying it LOL
Dec 18 2007 09:57 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, Sam..its Vince..lol, he just SOO ENJOYING IT...and he felt like dancing too
Dec 18 2007 09:58 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Ha ha! Please don't ever send me one! Although there is a hole in the road outside my appartment which needs filling.....
Dec 18 2007 10:00 GMT suzannesmash
ITS PLOPP ITS GREAT, YOU PLOPP THAT? hahaha...give me your address
Dec 18 2007 10:04 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
I am going to have to try one!!! Can they really be that bad? I will send over some "Nice" UK Chocolate bar if you like ? :)
Dec 18 2007 10:05 GMT suzannesmash
Sounds like a good deal, some smokes too...and it aint bad..
Dec 18 2007 10:07 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Oooh, I dont know if I can handle Swedish smokes! What am I getting myself into?
Dec 18 2007 10:09 GMT suzannesmash
Woooah haha, chocolate and smokes..its only coffee and red wine missing
Dec 18 2007 10:10 GMT piskins72
lol @ Sam, Happy Birthday Suz, lovely picture btw :) ooh I so love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 10:19 GMT eleni78 PRO
Happy Birthday !!!
Dec 18 2007 10:19 GMT Bali
Happy Birthday!!!!!!:::)))))Best wishes from Bali:)
Dec 18 2007 10:49 GMT Cronos1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SUZANNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 11:14 GMT Studio88
Dec 18 2007 13:48 GMT caferr
nice shot...
Dec 18 2007 13:52 GMT hevychevy PRO
Happy birthday Suzanne and splendid image as well :))
Dec 18 2007 15:55 GMT maguzz
???? what ???? i missed it ??? i thought it was tomorrow, like mine ????
need a new brain ... anyway ... have a great day and enjoy your presents ...
Happy Birthday Suzanne of Stockholm ... ;-))))))
Dec 18 2007 16:00 GMT uitenhage
Happy Birthday. Best wishes and enjoy Suzanne.
Dec 18 2007 16:09 GMT sweetjane
Dec 18 2007 16:56 GMT colinjones25
Happy birthday Suz, have a good one!!! xx
Dec 18 2007 16:58 GMT suzannesmash
Colin, have a PLOPP or at least give Vince another one....thank YOU lil sweetie!
Dec 18 2007 17:12 GMT rosyapple PRO
You are so classy Suzanne and i wasn't here for your birthday! So I will say Happy Creation Day!
Dec 18 2007 17:22 GMT suzannesmash
Jude, thank YOU..and youre not late..its today..lol, but I celebrated it this weekend already. I have your christmas card and something here, and i have lost your address again..maybe you recieve it for New Year instead.
Dec 18 2007 18:00 GMT bengan
Vad fasen - här stövlar man in mitt i födelsedagsfirandet? Sitter o dricker kaffe rakt ur tumblern och käkar pepparkakor så jag blir snäll.
Nästa år kikar jag förbi med en raket!

Dec 18 2007 18:00 GMT bengan
Just det. Grattis! Det menade jag ju i förra messet men det glömde jag........
Dec 18 2007 18:46 GMT suzannesmash
Raket och pepparkakor? Nasta ar, det ar ju snart det....TACK TACK!
Dec 18 2007 20:05 GMT EuCarlosFilipe

Dec 18 2007 20:38 GMT LizSA
Lovely Gift wrapped.... beautiful photo of the birthday girl...!!
Dec 18 2007 21:41 GMT nimbus
well, is your day dear suzanne!
Have a nice time!
many wishes to you!
Dec 18 2007 21:45 GMT bengan
Ja...det är ju det. Det är väl dags...bara 3 v ledigt kvar nu dock.....
Dec 18 2007 22:27 GMT orisha
wonderful composition!
great contrast and frame!
Dec 18 2007 22:29 GMT josephnoel
Happy birthday 18-12-08
Dec 18 2007 22:35 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You Noel, so much!
Dec 18 2007 22:35 GMT PatNolan
Say cheese.........Lol Suz.
Dec 18 2007 22:37 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA NOOO I DONT LIKE CHEESE..never even had a pizza in my entier life
Dec 18 2007 23:11 GMT Archer
Yep...realized it in several occasions. Well composed photo Suz!
Dec 19 2007 01:28 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 19 2007 02:25 GMT gwen83
You sad it right...............
Dec 19 2007 06:50 GMT VinceHopson1
You never ate pizza ?

You should try one, a marguerita with doner meat and a bucket-load of garlic sauce.

You'd be in heaven, mate.
Dec 19 2007 06:57 GMT VinceHopson1
You never ate pizza ?

You should try one, a marguerita with doner meat and a bucket-load of garlic sauce.

You'd be in heaven, mate.
Dec 19 2007 06:57 GMT VinceHopson1
You never ate pizza ?

You should try one, a marguerita with doner meat and a bucket-load of garlic sauce.

You'd be in heaven, mate.
Dec 19 2007 08:59 GMT Loula
To my Farovite Lady on Fotothing with words of wisdom :) Happy birthday for the other day LOL :)
Dec 19 2007 13:55 GMT Pietje
Happy happy birthday Suzanne and thank you for your wishes.........
Dec 19 2007 19:51 GMT jomoud PRO
I definitely remmeber!:):)
Excellent shot
Dec 19 2007 21:45 GMT Pea2007
Happy Birthday Suzanne
Dec 19 2007 23:06 GMT tadieubone PRO
happy birthday my friend !!!! so beautiful !!
Dec 20 2007 09:54 GMT NcomeGaa
i love this one fan of B&W i add a comment and a kiss to you
thank for your's
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