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The Yellow lunch restaurant by the river was after The Blue one...
and I had lunch at the Yellow one.. Portugese redwine is just
excellent! I had a lot in my bag on my way home.

I have SOOO many pictures I havent even looked at yet, so many
beaches, sunsets..streets, houses..
I will probably bore you with repeating myself..

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 10 2007 23:02 GMT Jaapie PRO
Nope...never! Bring them on for all to see!
Dec 10 2007 23:07 GMT suzannesmash
well, i have a photoshot this weekend, so I will come up with something else too...
but heey, thank you..i will for sure!
Dec 10 2007 23:12 GMT SaoPaulo
Ah, ah, ah!...o inusitado nome do restaurante!...
Dec 10 2007 23:17 GMT Nodster
Just stop when you reach the last table!!
Dec 10 2007 23:21 GMT nimbus
the tables out side, remind like a greek reastaurant, or caffe shop.
Dec 10 2007 23:23 GMT suzannesmash
Yes..my latest greek Island was Corfu..loved it.
Dec 10 2007 23:23 GMT suzannesmash
hahhahaha, it was a blue one too...just around the corner..
Dec 10 2007 23:28 GMT marijke06
seems you had a great time there! :)
Dec 10 2007 23:29 GMT merce
Yessssss, Suzanne, this litle restaurant near the river is a very, very, very fantastic place!
Dec 10 2007 23:39 GMT mariazinha32
great view.........
Dec 11 2007 00:03 GMT valmirribeiro
Thank you for fav's!
I hope you have had good times in Portugal.
Y've brought great images from there at least.
Dec 11 2007 00:11 GMT stuboy
That's one hell of a pier they've got there.
Dec 11 2007 01:33 GMT peterpinhole
Looks like a great place to dine! Also looking forward to your other pics....and they are never boring:))
Dec 11 2007 06:23 GMT Felixthecat
Goodmorning Suz., the details of the restaurant are great and .... the far distance view (again)
keep repeating yourself!
Dec 11 2007 06:50 GMT Kurt
Ok...go ahead...bore us some more, please..;-))
Dec 11 2007 07:26 GMT DannyBoy
May I have just a salad? But not caesar salad, please...
Dec 11 2007 09:04 GMT KiX
Excellent light behind
Dec 11 2007 14:36 GMT Cronos1
Everything is ok if the "ponto final" is the "restaurante"!
Dec 11 2007 17:22 GMT fredaFunSite
I should be thre with u!!
enjoying our coffees! :D
Dec 11 2007 17:24 GMT suzannesmash
I had a GREAT lunch there, it was a awesome place...and portoguese redwine
is the best...we will have our coffe in NY..lol
Dec 11 2007 17:36 GMT fredaFunSite
lots of coffees su. Starbucks Coffee just right at the conner LOL.
and 24hrs available kitchen for coffee providing self-service.
Dec 11 2007 17:37 GMT suzannesmash
HEY, im bringing swedish coffee, do I have to bring a machine too? LOL
Dec 11 2007 19:55 GMT PedroBala
que foto bonita!!!!!!
Dec 11 2007 20:44 GMT charlotte
never bored with these!
I am still uploading my holiday from 2005!
Dec 11 2007 23:54 GMT jceca PRO
i'll never get bored with these either ....

at least you have what to upload ....

wonderful restaurant ... my kind of place ....
Dec 13 2007 02:05 GMT Studio88
Sounds like you had a Fantastic Trip ;-))
Dec 14 2007 21:36 GMT sweetjane
whata wonderful view