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Goodmorning and happy wonderful Saturday, im prepering with lots of coffee, laundry and music...

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Goodmorning and happy wonderful Saturday, im prepering with lots of coffee, laundry and music...
Its the semifinals in hockey world championships today LOL.
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Comments on this photo:

May 12 2007 06:40 GMT hbla PRO
you look SO happy with your huge cup of coffee :)
May 12 2007 06:41 GMT bobart
Morning, Suzanne ... good luck!
May 12 2007 06:41 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha i love that angle, always makes coffee huuuuge....
May 12 2007 06:44 GMT suzannesmash
Awwww Thanks Bobart
May 12 2007 06:48 GMT sweetjane
good morning sweet!!!! how are you?? kixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
May 12 2007 06:49 GMT LisaSam67
Wonderful morning shot!!!! Sounds like you have much the same plans as I do! Great robe too! I've got mine on right now... same material it looks like just peachy in color :-)))))) Have a grand weekend!
May 12 2007 06:55 GMT Hamin PRO
Stunning, Suzanne -- that is the only word: STUNNING !
May 12 2007 06:57 GMT suzannesmash
Gooodmooorning lovely sweet, im just great here..How are you
over there? Im not working today, AND can you even believe it, i thought about sleeping a lil extra, BUT i woke up at 7 and couldnt just sleep anymore, so i doing one of my favourite things..LOL cleaning and potter about and around...hmmm i would like to go to some flea market or trash antique store...you can do such a great and wonderful finds there...

HIII..are you having coffee too?
May 12 2007 06:59 GMT suzannesmash
Ahh thanks Lisa, i love that vivid kind of turquoise and the material is just so soft and light, and isnt that just a great start of the day...just being free no plans, i love looong good coffee starts of your saturday...and have a good weekend you too
May 12 2007 07:04 GMT LisaSam67
:-))))))) they are just the bestest softest robes in the world!!! and that colour is perfect for you! A wonderful cozy way to start a weekend!!!
May 12 2007 07:09 GMT klingklingeling
Good Morning Sweety :-) I am on my way to the bathroom to get downstairs after that and take my first coffee. I will work with my pics from Hamburg-Trip then. So we maybe meet again later. Have a wonderfull Coffee------Morning :-)
May 12 2007 07:11 GMT SimpleMind
goooooood morning!!!! :)))))))))
Oh,...Suzy looks sleepy today....but like always: with a mug of coffee!! :D
Have a great day!!
May 12 2007 07:32 GMT dingranne
morron.......min är större än din
May 12 2007 07:42 GMT suzannesmash
heeeej haha, få se då
May 12 2007 07:57 GMT dingranne
Varför är batterierna alltid slut när man ska fota, nu är kaffet med slut så nu väntar golvläggning
May 12 2007 07:59 GMT handan
morning suz; have a nice coffee
May 12 2007 08:05 GMT suzannesmash
golv? är det kopian som ska ha mera renoverat? eller är du bara lite så
där golvad...vava
May 12 2007 08:10 GMT suzannesmash
goooodmorning Mr Handan, hows the tech going...
May 12 2007 08:11 GMT suzannesmash
and goodmorning simple sweet to you too, lol...
i need to do some drilling and I dont have any, do you have any
suggestion how i can solve it without a drill huh?
May 12 2007 08:18 GMT handan
nail & hammer already huh; smaller ? bigger ? silicon glue chewgum pendant , just pick one :)
May 12 2007 09:36 GMT Vargen
Hey, good morning girl... :)
May 12 2007 09:47 GMT hamrahi
Stunning photo..............................
May 12 2007 11:02 GMT suzannesmash
Hey you swedish wolf vargen...Im good here, how are you over there..
long time..no keyboard, lol
May 12 2007 17:12 GMT rosyapple PRO
Such a luxurious housecoat! A great one for a cuddle! You are always such a happy person!
May 12 2007 17:16 GMT jceca PRO
.... and eurosong too .... make more coffee for that occasion ... i'm on my way ....... :-))

btw, love this color a looooot !!!!
( same color as your all stars ...... :D )
May 12 2007 17:19 GMT peterpinhole
You look ready to take on the day....just starting here ....probably nearing the end of the day for you there...have a great weekend!!
May 12 2007 18:16 GMT SimpleMind
ummmm....some drill nails made of steel could serve you.....
Another suggestion....watch out for a handsome neighbour and ask him if he has a drilling machine,.....if he says "yes", ask him if he can show you how to handle... ;)))) two pitches at one time....you find a handsome guy and he is even working for you! :))) LOL
May 12 2007 21:56 GMT suzannesmash
haha, smash on that
May 12 2007 22:29 GMT Elise
Gorgeous shot Suz.....well done!
May 12 2007 23:32 GMT hans55 PRO
fantastic shot from you beauty !!!
May 15 2007 03:33 GMT sikobonden
Caffeine bliss. Excellent capture.