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When You get too bored at work, 
working 24/7 and all Christmas

get a hold on your faxmachine...

866 views 2 people's favourite photo

When You get too bored at work,
working 24/7 and all Christmas

get a hold on your faxmachine..
and S T R E T C H...haha

and say something nice to yourself,
loud and proud. lol

I will try to stand on my hands tomorrow.

aaahhh I miss some daylight.

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 23 2007 23:28 GMT suzannesmash
Bored and playing around with the machines at the office..the only
machine I wanted to get something from, didnt work..the coffee machine..

thank you M!
Dec 23 2007 23:33 GMT suzannesmash
The machine says, ERROR 1 and Clean the milksystem, i know im a tech but,
getting that..is out of my control..LOL so Christmas is going to be a
disaster..because, im working all Christmas days..im going to be a wreck..
Dec 23 2007 23:47 GMT jceca PRO

sorry to hear about your coffee machine ... you need a thermos, definitely !!!! BIGGG thermos .... :-)
Dec 23 2007 23:50 GMT suzannesmash
Hahaha Jceca, isnt it so..we have to do the best out of everything...
hmmm yes, i need to bring a thermos tomorrow..
thanks, kind of new birthday boots..from my fav shoe store Bianco
Dec 23 2007 23:51 GMT kimbob
Great fun photo!!
Dec 24 2007 00:00 GMT Studio88
Great Yoga S-t-r-e-c-t-h ;-))
Dec 24 2007 00:01 GMT Vasca
Great photo! Sexy!! ;o)

And Merry Christmas dear!!!! Enjoy this time!! (and don't work too much!!)
Dec 24 2007 01:21 GMT jenylew
Oh I so love those boots!
Can I borrow them? They'd look great with my New Years Eve outfit! ;-)))

Glad to see you are keeping yourself entertained while at work alllllll Christmas - I will keep checking in on ya! :-)
Dec 24 2007 01:51 GMT LisaSam67
Merry Christmas!
Dec 24 2007 03:44 GMT aquiles PRO
PRECIOSA !!!!!!!!
Dec 24 2007 05:11 GMT zeem
Interesting leather...- have a great Xmas and New Year my friend
Dec 24 2007 05:27 GMT Lucky222
Sexy outfit...
Hope it goes very fast for you, and that it goes real slow for me...hehheheheh
I got to go back to work on the 29th and will be working during new years...

Mery Christmas anyhow...
I know what we need.... Coffe delivery... Just like Pizza...

Dec 24 2007 07:09 GMT Anland
Boots are really stylish.
Well, let it be easy for everybody who must go to work on holidays! Hope it won't be too boring and you'll find good company! Merry Christmas!
Dec 24 2007 08:46 GMT Felixthecat
This boots look definately like Santa's boots Suz ;)
Dec 24 2007 08:49 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, its italian boots..LOL
Dec 24 2007 08:56 GMT nordenskioeld
Merry Christmas Suzanne! :)
Dec 24 2007 09:00 GMT hans55 PRO
working at christmas isnt fun ... i do hope you have a good time ..and that the coffee machine is working again !!!
Dec 24 2007 09:45 GMT Carlimauda
these boots are made for walking......tralalalalala...nice hot!!!!!!!
poor girl working with christmas.....
Dec 24 2007 09:58 GMT rosyapple PRO
Fabulous action, diagonal line and silhouette! You are the best woman in black! I know what it is like to work Christmas...have a great time when not working. Sending you some light...the sun is slowly but surely returning!
Dec 24 2007 10:24 GMT NcomeGaa
how many time in this position :) ? merry christmas
Dec 24 2007 10:26 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha, 3 shots...im too inpatient for anything else..merry christmas you too
Dec 24 2007 14:48 GMT nimbus
lovely shot suzanne:)
Dec 24 2007 18:12 GMT marconix
nice lignes and curves...))))
Dec 24 2007 19:02 GMT peterpinhole
Great boots...too bad you have to work so much.Wish I could help with the coffe machine:))
Dec 26 2007 19:11 GMT LizSA
Beautiful photo.....wow...this is good Suzanne..... well done...:-)