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I am me and I am 43,  and very tired on a Saturday night hahaha...

Some things comes with age ...

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I am me and I am 43, and very tired on a Saturday night hahaha...

Some things comes with age (not only being home a saturday night, i promise)....
I enjoy getting older, to age with grace..
and just suck in life, im already done with "about me questions" lol..
I am me, its my body, my soul and my mind...take it or leave it.
Thats the best part with ageing, and to just share and love the best
things here in life, small daily things...that still are for free.
Im independent, if I want someone it's because who they are and
what we become together...

AND now LOOKIE here and sing:


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Comments on this photo:

May 12 2007 22:39 GMT Vargen
Who is that gorgeous girl??????
May 12 2007 22:40 GMT Elise
You look stunning Madam :))
May 13 2007 01:54 GMT PhotoPro PRO
what a gorgeous 43!
May 13 2007 03:08 GMT rosyapple PRO
You just had a birthday? You look so refined here! A class A girl!
May 13 2007 03:13 GMT hamrahi
gorgeous photo...............................
May 13 2007 03:50 GMT juanse
beautiful words, beautiful you....
May 13 2007 05:14 GMT hevychevy PRO
looking fabulouse and gorgeouse as any 16 year old alive wonderful image sharp and crisp and in B & W wonderful image
May 13 2007 06:54 GMT suzannesmash
HIYAAA Rosy...lol, im so girlie..and no, unfortuntly I havent had my birthday YET for this year, its in december..
May 13 2007 08:54 GMT handan
thank you thank you thank you; you love life, life loves you
May 13 2007 08:56 GMT soldier
Woooowww... brigting eyes!!!! Lovely and great portrait my friend!
May 13 2007 10:38 GMT LaCamille
You are the best sis ever!!!!
May 13 2007 12:18 GMT SimpleMind
pretty beautiful b&w portrait of a "hard-headed woman"..... :))
May 13 2007 12:28 GMT Keitology
great portrait , like it very much :o)
May 13 2007 12:37 GMT jceca PRO
beautiful portrait, as always ... but i like your words very much ...
especially this part " if I want someone it's because who they are and
what we become together... "
i could find myself in those words too ....

and yes, you are right about " not only being home a saturday night" !!!!
i'm not 43, but i AM at home EVERY saturday night, from a long time ago !!! :-)

have a nice day girl ..........
May 13 2007 14:35 GMT VinceHopson1
This was taken a couple of years ago according to your tech. info.
You look slightly worried in this.
Was it taken by your good self ?
or not ?

I hope you have a great Sunday evening,
and I'm sorry Sweden didn't win last night.

May 13 2007 16:25 GMT sweetjane
May 13 2007 17:15 GMT jolie
i wish myself to look that ageless in 15 year too
bella bella
May 13 2007 17:23 GMT biggles
43 is a great age to be...unfortunately I only have another month of it to enjoy...
May 13 2007 17:31 GMT suzannesmash
try some snow, ice and very cold for 9 months every year...hahaha...
well I think it worked out great for my mum..and you know jolie, its what you have inside, you often bring out..side too.
May 13 2007 19:23 GMT suzannesmash
OK Vinnie, im still laughing...i watched your new youtube videos...LOL
the perfect circle....hahahah youre the best, love it..
and hey, i have upgraded the caminfo now, Sony died friday night..
May 13 2007 20:37 GMT karabela42
you have very dream lovly eyes susanna. Best photo for me!
May 13 2007 23:05 GMT AlyonTstallion
you are one in a million!
May 14 2007 12:33 GMT LuPa
you, your body, your soul and your mind...I take it all :-)

BTW last saturday night I was at home as well...strange we didn't meet! LOL
May 15 2007 03:35 GMT sikobonden
You wear tired very well. Beautiful portrait!
May 15 2007 15:23 GMT Maurabia
hi you and your 43 !!!!!
May 19 2007 18:29 GMT Choue
Dear Suzzie, you are so beautyful and you carry your 43s with great style and freshness. That's because you love life and your happy, girl.
I'd love to see 1 picture of you when you were twenties.
May 24 2007 22:31 GMT Macrat
Top Draw - You are a credit to the female Race!!!! Lol
May 26 2007 20:09 GMT tailhunter
WOOW. 43 and look at you. A lot off younger women wants that the had the look of you Susan!!!!!!!!!!1
Jun 22 2007 09:38 GMT francois
I wish to have such a look when i'm tired tired