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And in the alleys of Lisbon...

lol, its easy to fall down on your knees..
what wouldnt you do to get it your way,
through your eyes.
But at least, i was only down to my knees
here, it was worse.

Of course, worth it too. haha

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 09 2007 21:30 GMT Foggydew
the eye of the beholder - great!
Dec 09 2007 21:32 GMT suzannesmash
I wanted to lay down in the main street and take a shot over the hill..where those cute yellow train goes, but..i asked, and got the answear, that NO NO..
but i was lucky some days later, when it was a marathon...lol and the other big
mainstreet was closed..
Dec 09 2007 21:32 GMT Jaapie PRO
Yes...this is a great shot!
Dec 09 2007 21:43 GMT Felixthecat
Ohh, this is nice .... on the knees, I'll warn Belgium for 'funny crawling creatures' :)
Dec 09 2007 21:43 GMT suzannesmash
LOL, with kneepads and a helmet...
Dec 09 2007 22:16 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Dec 09 2007 22:18 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha WOOAAHH LOOK no elbows no elbows
Dec 09 2007 22:20 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Ha ha ha! How are your knees?
Dec 09 2007 22:21 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 09 2007 22:31 GMT suzannesmash
First, they hurt a lot shooting days, second..i get dizzy all the time because shooting without tripod certain times makes me so focused and concentrated i hold my breath...LOL. Its dangerous to take pictures
Dec 09 2007 23:16 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Ahh, you use the same technique as me. I learned in the Air Training Corps how to shoot a rifle with best effect. It seems to work with shootting pictures too. Take a deep breath, breath half way out, hold your breath then shoot! Dont hold you breath for too long, no wonder you get dizzy!
Dec 09 2007 23:49 GMT fredaFunSite
always funny face when we taking photographing!
love the capture.
Dec 10 2007 04:24 GMT YesHello
beautiful photographer and SPITTER!!!
Dec 10 2007 09:42 GMT suzannesmash
hahah, i was holding my breath here..
Dec 10 2007 12:16 GMT Hamin PRO
B&W rocks ! The perspective, the balance, and the composition all shout out again that a picture is worth a thousand words ! Bravissimo, Suzanne
Dec 10 2007 15:13 GMT nimbus
monday, monday, so good to me.
monday, morning, it was al i hoped it would be.
oh monday morning, monday morning couldn't guarantee.
that monday evening you would still be here with me...

The Mamas The Papas
Dec 10 2007 20:04 GMT rosyapple PRO
Actionwoman! I love it - bravo Carlos!
Dec 10 2007 21:19 GMT magnus
excellent as always, you could be 27 years old not 43, unbelievable, but i know this if you do something that you realigh love you will not age as fast as other people usually do. :-)
Dec 10 2007 22:28 GMT Milibuh
Bella ...I like it ..
Dec 10 2007 23:37 GMT merce
Dec 18 2007 06:00 GMT gtc126
Capture of the Shooter!!!!!
Dec 19 2007 23:01 GMT tadieubone PRO
i love it !
Jan 02 2008 14:47 GMT TD1929
The artist imagine,
The scene was suberb...Lisbon.
Result: great photos!