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My first coffee shot in weeks...weeeheeee!!

Good Morning, morning glory..lets have some fabolous coffee,
to start this day with.

You know that Iíll stay high
Iíll drink coffee Ďtill I die
Donít pour me water just fill up my cup
You know it takes a lot just to keep me up
Cost may be more than you care to pay
What good is money compared to fightiní pain
Donít try to cheat
Itís impossible to beat
The only pick me up thatís here to stay
I got those Java blues
Coffeeís got me
Java blues
Oh coffee, coffee, coffee
Java blues..

Since I didnt find the song at youtube..
it has to be this instead, same group


But if anyone find or got Java Blues, live version
with Nazareth, please tell me..
i lost mine in my harddrive crash, all music..
all mine 68 GB 4 years passionated,
collected music.

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 30 2007 09:25 GMT glassica
Good morning!!! Iīm sitting here with my first cup of the day too!! =0)
Dec 30 2007 09:27 GMT suzannesmash
I woke up first time at 6...then lighted some candles went back to bed to
just feel the luxury of..being there without the must to get up and get ready
for work...and now, i am on my second rond of coffee..and it feels just
Dec 30 2007 09:29 GMT candle07
Good morning Glory suzanne. I want coffee too my coffee is deferent last night I take one from durbai make me up too, and it's very tasty ohhhhhhhhhhhh very great morning to y.
Dec 30 2007 09:30 GMT Friesland0Phuket
Good Morning Suzannesmash
I wish yiz a nice sonnday

i same i drinking my dutsch coffee
Dec 30 2007 09:31 GMT glassica
Hehe... for me it was this wild 4 year old boy that shouted "MUMMY WAKE UP!!!!!!!" Iīm still tired, we have this boring grey weather and it makes me sooo tired!!!!
Have a nice workday, Suz!!!!!!
Dec 30 2007 09:33 GMT suzannesmash
Im free TOOOOODAY, 3 days in a row that hasnt been happening for a looong time..

hahaha, ohh i so know that shouting wake up, im happy they grow up in the end..
And so grey here too, its like someone has put a thick grey lid over the sky.
Dec 30 2007 09:52 GMT nimbus
well, this is for the morning, for you for all of us who love the coffee:))))
Dec 30 2007 09:52 GMT nimbus

"One More Cup Of Coffee"

Your breath is sweet
Your eyes are like two jewels in the sky
Your back is straight your hair is smooth
On the pillow where you lie
But I don't sense affection
No gratitude or love
Your loyalty is not to me
But to the stars above

One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go.
To the valley below.

Your daddy he's an outlaw
And a wanderer by trade
He'll teach you how to pick and choose
And how to throw the blade
He oversees his kingdom
So no stranger does intrude
His voice it trembles as he calls out
For another plate of food.

One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go.
To the valley below.

Your sister sees the future
Like your mama and yourself
You've never learned to read or write
There's no books upon your shelf
And your pleasure knows no limits
Your voice is like a meadowlark
But your heart is like an ocean
Mysterious and dark.

One more cup of coffee for the road
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go.
To the valley below.

Dec 30 2007 10:15 GMT samos99
Dec 30 2007 10:25 GMT hans55 PRO
ahhhh coffeeee ..thats what i needed all morning ..started working at 7 AM today :-(
Dec 30 2007 10:42 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Good morning....I m about to have mine...but I m little lazy today
Dec 30 2007 10:49 GMT maguzz
skol ... i'm coffee-ing right now ... ;-)))
Dec 30 2007 10:52 GMT glassica
Then have a great Day off!!!! =0))) Guess what??? Right now the sun is shining here... =0))))
Dec 30 2007 12:24 GMT Jagged PRO
mmm I can smell that from here...
Dec 30 2007 12:48 GMT lalewa
I love coffee very much....(^.^)
It seems tasty...mmm...I wana drink some coffee now...uhuhu.(^,^)
Dec 30 2007 14:35 GMT tailhunter
AAAHH the famous Douwe Egberts Coffee. I can smell it here !!!!!! You have also lime in the water their I see.
Dec 30 2007 14:52 GMT piskins72
Lovely Coffee Shot!! Hope u are enjoying your days off!! Sun starting to break thro here ;-))
Dec 30 2007 15:41 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 30 2007 16:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Half of NZ closes down for a fortnight or so around Christmas while everyone goes on holiday and all my favourite cafes are closed :-(((((( I'm finding it hard to find a good coffee :-(((
Dec 30 2007 16:44 GMT Poulet PRO
So cruel!!!
You made me wanna jump into it! ;))) lol
Dec 30 2007 16:47 GMT suzannesmash
what a DREAM, a pure COFFEE SPA day..lol
Dec 30 2007 16:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Such a DREAM.........LOL
Shhhh...it's a secret, Susanne!
After I left this page, I asked my hubby to make me a cup of coffee. (what a lovely wife I am!!!!! LOL) ;)))
Dec 30 2007 17:07 GMT slobodan
looks soo nice
Dec 30 2007 17:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you, very inviting:-)!
Dec 30 2007 17:32 GMT luckypenny
Great coffee, love the stuff (smiles)
Dec 30 2007 22:29 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Dec 30 2007 22:30 GMT suzannesmash
coffee or what?
Dec 30 2007 23:09 GMT jceca PRO
gosh ... i'm so late for this coffee .....

* desperately staring at the photo * :D
Dec 31 2007 01:53 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Clear Shot!!!!!!!
Dec 31 2007 05:20 GMT beedabee
Great shot here .. have a great 2008!
Dec 31 2007 06:37 GMT caminant
good colors and light, thanks for put in your favorites one of my photos
Jan 01 2008 11:48 GMT Peixy
Jan 08 2008 23:30 GMT Vaneta
I want too...