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Are you wanting inspiration?
you spill your secrets on me
then you tell me with a whisper..
of things that will never be
do you hear me breathing?
does it make you want to scream..
did you ever like a bad dream?
yeah...sometimes life is obscene

- Black Crowes.

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 04 2008 00:53 GMT nimbus
great words my dear...
very hard to sleep?
what time is it right there?
greek time 3 o'clock.
great image!
you love b&w
sweet dreams beautiful suz!!!
Jan 04 2008 00:55 GMT suzannesmash
haha Theodora, you greeks are a lil before me..
ive been working soooo many hours and late today,
so..i should go to bed now, because..day starts soon again.
thank you, and goodnight you too.
Jan 04 2008 01:00 GMT peterpinhole
Interesting cacti shot...great exposure and contrast!
Jan 04 2008 01:02 GMT suzannesmash
thanks, it was a perfect subject for just trying out some settings..AND
a beautiful place, a balcony in Lisbon.
Jan 04 2008 02:52 GMT Studio88
Suz, The Photo and Black Crowes Rock ;-))
Jan 04 2008 08:21 GMT rock
fantastic words and cool pic!
Jan 04 2008 08:51 GMT Biljana
Jan 04 2008 12:40 GMT bennystr
It's beautiful!
Jan 04 2008 16:36 GMT suzannesmash
yeeeaaahh, i was listening to Black Crows and that song in the car last midnight..
thats why..lol, i just needed a picture to connect it with..
Jan 04 2008 16:37 GMT thehousekeeper
I love the texture, great black and white!
Jan 04 2008 16:38 GMT suzannesmash
thanks, it was excellent for high contrast settings..
Jan 04 2008 17:37 GMT YesHello
Jan 04 2008 18:17 GMT DIGITALOOKING
Very nice B/W shot :))
Jan 04 2008 19:03 GMT Carlimauda
great b&w image....don't sit on it
Jan 04 2008 19:15 GMT suzannesmash
ok, i have to play a lil bowling behind here now..LOL, weeeeeeeeeeheeee
Jan 04 2008 20:03 GMT jomoud PRO
I love that shot.
The words are terrific as well.
Jan 04 2008 20:07 GMT suzannesmash
thanks it is portoguese cactus at carlos balcony
Jan 04 2008 21:00 GMT Y5
hej! tack!
gott nytt år till dig med, hoppas allt e bra och att det blir ett kanonår för dig. :)
Jan 04 2008 21:09 GMT suzannesmash
Tack Dora, och alltdetsamma till dig...hoppas du får ett inspirerende och kreativt
lyckosamt år...med många femmor..haha
Jan 04 2008 21:16 GMT sweetjane
hy sweetheart amazing captures as always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 04 2008 22:04 GMT mariazinha32
beautiful b&w .....
Jan 05 2008 03:37 GMT jceca PRO
i have the same cactuses ... :-)

great words & photo combination .......
Jan 05 2008 06:08 GMT Felixthecat
There might be some cacti used for inspiration boost Suzie ;) nice b/w!!
goodmorning btw!
Jan 05 2008 09:27 GMT candle07
I love this and very beauty photo.
Jan 05 2008 10:52 GMT suzannesmash
or drinks..hahahaha...well, thanks Filip..how is your weekend going?
i have to tell you, im going iceskating...LOL
Jan 05 2008 17:32 GMT Vargen
Super!!! Details are great... ;-)
Jan 05 2008 17:36 GMT znacke
:)))))))))))))) beautiful words...great shot, love the style :)
Jan 05 2008 22:34 GMT gtc126
Fabulous Forms in B&W!!!!
Jan 06 2008 11:54 GMT jakubwenzel
Jan 06 2008 17:00 GMT fotomark
good shot
Jan 06 2008 18:37 GMT Curiousrhino
fantastic work. Great artistic flair
Jan 06 2008 22:49 GMT gwen83
Great idea for a good shot:)))
Jan 06 2008 22:52 GMT mtlhj
MORE of this kind, and not so mutch ur self ;-/
Sorry don´t mean to hurt u.
Would like too see more off ur creative side, huh........
Jan 06 2008 22:54 GMT suzannesmash
Well, you dont have to look or comment, nobody force you, .
And you can always look at something else and comment things ýou like.
There are plenty of photos on this site, and even people with
tons of selfportraits.
Its a free world and we dont always have creativit and subjects to shot.
Thank You.
Jan 06 2008 23:14 GMT mtlhj
Did´nt mean this in a bad way.
But a pro. like ur self could do better than this.
Kind regards Jesper.
Jan 18 2008 05:16 GMT zeem
interesting composition