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Vince, You can't make me dance around
But your singing makes my chest pound
As you float away into the coffee cup...

But I don't feel like dancin' no sir, no dancin' today.

hahaha..and NOW SING (again, yes this is such a happy song)


I did actually see some daylight, when i was out for a smoke
6th floor on the firesteps.

socks, boots..hmm lets see, whats next

I almost had german company


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Comments on this photo:

Dec 26 2007 15:50 GMT kutlu01
I Love you
Dec 26 2007 16:10 GMT maguzz
haha, i made i similar picture at work a few weeks ago ...
but my legs are not that extravagant ... ;-))) ... *uploading right now*
Dec 26 2007 16:11 GMT suzannesmash
noooo..haha the stairs is dangerous, im so afraid of heights
Dec 26 2007 16:12 GMT suzannesmash
im not going to kick your ass, well only if you need it..lol
Dec 26 2007 16:16 GMT jceca PRO
aweee ... i'm afraid of heights too ... but i do like your stockings and boots... again ...

btw, still want my snow ???
now i have a ton to send you !!!
it's snowing, still ....
Dec 26 2007 16:21 GMT suzannesmash
My two feet cant find the way..LOL, im singing..
Dec 26 2007 16:30 GMT suzannesmash
its 200 euros LOL
Dec 26 2007 16:32 GMT Felixthecat
Do you trow your sigarettes down there Suzanne? ;))
I don't think so ... or :)
Dec 26 2007 16:33 GMT suzannesmash
no, i have a ashtry, there are people on each floor out there...

Dec 26 2007 16:35 GMT suzannesmash
ashtry...HAHAHA icant spell
Dec 26 2007 16:35 GMT Felixthecat
Sorry for asking, I was sure you didn't ;)
Dec 26 2007 16:36 GMT Felixthecat
Lol, try the ashes!
Dec 26 2007 16:38 GMT nimbus
lovely boots suzanne:)))
Dec 26 2007 16:47 GMT suzannesmash
Here is one for You Filip!! haha

Dec 26 2007 16:52 GMT Felixthecat
Damn, it's been a while since I've last seen that clip ...
Thanks for the clown btw ;) - you'd better not mess with major tom!
Dec 26 2007 16:54 GMT suzannesmash
THATS MY FAV SONG...so now, its ground control to Major Tom

Filip, you better take your protein pills and put your helmet down..lol
Dec 26 2007 16:57 GMT Felixthecat
OK ... as long it's for 'Count down to paradise' :)
Dec 26 2007 17:01 GMT hevychevy PRO
cool boots lady :-))
Dec 26 2007 17:09 GMT suzannesmash
Dec 26 2007 18:51 GMT mtlhj
boots ?
Dec 26 2007 19:12 GMT LizSA
you are turning in a very professional photographer...... beautiful photo series...:-)
Dec 26 2007 19:44 GMT piskins72
Pointy Boots are very useful at times!!! Cool picture & so love that song!!!!
Dec 26 2007 20:33 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 26 2007 21:20 GMT rosyapple PRO
Those fire stairs are such a pretty colour! The day looks bright! Wishing you some sun soon!
Dec 26 2007 23:23 GMT candle07
Very cool suzanne.
Dec 27 2007 04:31 GMT gtc126
Great Capture...Now that is some pointed toes..Kick in the rump with those would cause Hemmeroids!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!
Dec 27 2007 20:17 GMT Ruedi PRO
Cool boots... warm feets!
Dec 27 2007 21:59 GMT larrybenedict
Guess you could step on a roach (or cigarette) in a corner with those boots on. Interesting photo Suz. Looks like warm (and sexy) hosery that you are wearing.
Dec 28 2007 20:32 GMT YesHello
I love the stockings !!! and the boots!!!!! thats them!! your kick ass boots!!! LOL
Dec 28 2007 20:41 GMT suzannesmash
lol, im sooo laughing now...i have seen the perfect clogs for you..
so, we will wear clogs and socks with dots and strips
Dec 28 2007 20:44 GMT YesHello
did you really???? what color??
Dec 28 2007 20:46 GMT suzannesmash
two kind of dark pinkish with some cool flower pattern
Dec 28 2007 20:47 GMT YesHello
; D
Dec 28 2007 20:55 GMT suzannesmash
NOW, i have to peeeeee...LOL