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Another brick in the wall


The start of my project - Me & My FT friend on my wall...
all work in B & W, this is a piece of it. Its going to be
Sweetjane, Ro73, VinceHopson, Colinjones and many, many more
so keep on seending me those pics. I hope to have it all set and ready
until next weekend...All framed...lol..

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Comments on this photo:

Sep 01 2007 12:59 GMT Jagged PRO
Nice idea, should look fantastic.
Sep 01 2007 12:59 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks, it looks great to my walls to....so, send me your best black and white...
Sep 01 2007 13:05 GMT maguzz
wow ... what a wonderfull hommage ... ;-)
Sep 01 2007 13:48 GMT sweetjane
oh my dear!! i'm so blush!! you are amazing!! hehehehehe i cant wait to see ur wall finished!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sep 01 2007 14:42 GMT hans55 PRO
good idea !! ... already good composed foto !!
Sep 01 2007 15:00 GMT Nightporter
This is a very nice idea. Nice also for those people to know that somebody somewhere has their pictures hanging on the wall.
Sep 01 2007 16:32 GMT Bali
Fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!!Great image!!!!!!:)
Sep 01 2007 17:23 GMT Crowy
You are very clever !!!
Well done..
Sep 01 2007 20:02 GMT PICASHOT62
nice combo pack image :)) hands abound :)))
Sep 01 2007 20:10 GMT Kaska
like the idea ...
Sep 01 2007 20:58 GMT Mia87
great idea Suz - very original :)
Sep 02 2007 01:59 GMT Rickncalif
an art museum in your place!! impressive and wonderful idea ya have there Suz!
Sep 02 2007 11:16 GMT VinceHopson1
Are we invited to the grand opening, where you'll be serving champagne and
oysters ?
Sep 02 2007 11:58 GMT nika70
Really nice idea!! I love ikea also :))
Sep 02 2007 12:07 GMT suzannesmash
LOL NIKA...yes its frames from IKEA...hahaha...So how about your b&w?
Sep 02 2007 12:08 GMT suzannesmash
Of course lil Vinnie, i will have the red carpet too...so, i am expecting you next saturday at five oclock..ok ok? I play some ABBA too
Sep 02 2007 13:27 GMT nika70
Just say what you like and you'll have it :)
Sep 02 2007 13:29 GMT nika70
Sep 02 2007 18:50 GMT suzannesmash
That would be wonderful, are you sending it to me?
Sep 02 2007 19:35 GMT nika70
I thougt maybe could be something you like from my pics..Yes if you like this one or something other I will be happy to make you this little gift (bigger soultion of course) :)
Sep 03 2007 00:20 GMT juanse
very cool...
Sep 03 2007 09:28 GMT dcz
Sep 03 2007 10:07 GMT suzannesmash
Great Nika, i send you the links to my favs from you and you choose one...
Sep 03 2007 15:47 GMT BuckleBunny
What a wonderful idea and a FUN project too!!! Hmmmm... reminds me... I NEED to hook up a photo printer I've never used yet, and print some things out and get them in some frames soon too!!! ;) :)
Sep 03 2007 16:43 GMT palakol
Great Concept.. c",)
Sep 03 2007 21:36 GMT francismagic
do you have some place for me in your wall ?
Sep 03 2007 21:37 GMT suzannesmash
Of course dear, give me five of yours to chose from
Sep 03 2007 21:39 GMT nika70
Thanks for DEAR suzanne!! ;)
Sep 03 2007 21:41 GMT francismagic
i will! some swedish cofee? :)
Sep 03 2007 21:50 GMT fredaFunSite
awesome project and pic darling.
Sep 03 2007 22:08 GMT suzannesmash
Fre babe, i really hope you let me put one of your fabolus b&w SF on that wall..
that would be an honour
Sep 04 2007 16:31 GMT fredaFunSite
hahahhahah hahahha *LMAO*
just print whichever you wish darling. It's a pleasure for me.
I miss you so much and still waiting for my PC..it's such a great torture for not being able to take photos...another a week! miss ya! muuaahhhss!
Sep 04 2007 16:38 GMT fredaFunSite
oh darling, i have an idea..maybe you should wait for new b&w sp that i'm plaining to take here in Manhattan ;)
Sep 04 2007 18:17 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha im laughing so much now at great torture...LOOOL...and I miss you too, im sorry about msn just work at...work..and iam not presence...HAHAHA..

Sep 04 2007 20:16 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Have you a little space for me??????????
Sep 06 2007 17:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
A fantastic idea! Bravo!
Sep 12 2007 06:00 GMT Kurt
Hmmm...and where's your fav. danish friend, if I may ask ;-)))
Sep 13 2007 09:04 GMT Fankocska
Very nice...