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Then the rainstorm came, over me
And I felt my spirit break
I had lost all of my, belief you se...

1668 views 7 people's favourite photo

Then the rainstorm came, over me
And I felt my spirit break
I had lost all of my, belief you see
And realize my mistake
But time through a prayer, to me
And all around me, became still

I need love, loves divine
Please forgive me now I see that Iíve been blind
Give me love
Love is what I need to help me know my name.

- Seal (one of my favorites)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 22 2007 19:43 GMT LuPa
I'm definitely addicted to you!

Wonderful shot, full of charme and well cropped
Jan 22 2007 19:45 GMT jblaylock
Beautiful. Love the shine on your lip. Seal is great too. This wouldn't be a shot taken from the same time as the 'other,' would it? Has the same skin tone in it, and interesting how the first line has rainstorm in it! lol Just curious. Great shot Suzanne, well cropped.
Jan 22 2007 19:48 GMT suzannesmash
Jeremy, for being exactly...lol, this one is taken on september 2...with my other, new camera that still was in function back then (before i droped it in my coffee, ironic isnt it) And I love Seal, Lenny K too...music is a big passion..
Jan 22 2007 19:49 GMT suzannesmash
OK, now you can talk soon..
Jan 22 2007 19:53 GMT suzannesmash
Oh Gary, i like that song too...i have 3 songs with him i never can get enough of, Tinsel Town, I'm Alive and Future Love Paradise...
Jan 22 2007 20:03 GMT sweetjane
hey hey pretty woman!!!! kixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 22 2007 20:10 GMT brummieboy
More sensuality ... beautiful ...
Jan 22 2007 20:10 GMT jblaylock
Oh, I'm disappointed I was wrong, thought you'd be impressed! lol
Just kidding, These have the same feel to me though, like they were in sequence, cool anyway! J
Jan 22 2007 20:16 GMT charlotte
very nice!
Jan 22 2007 20:34 GMT Sterretje
very beautiful, the dark tones
and the luscious lips :o)
everything is beautiful here !
Jan 22 2007 21:12 GMT SimpleMind
pretty shot! :D
Jan 23 2007 01:04 GMT PhotoPro PRO
just the right touch!
Jan 23 2007 01:26 GMT LanceG
this is quite dreamy, su. love the tones as well.
Jan 23 2007 05:54 GMT kutlu01
Jan 23 2007 13:34 GMT rhynnligwak
nice song, great photo
this is gorgeoussss
you know your name Su hehe
love will teach you about yourself
many loves you!
even the Was once firemen Lupa (hehe peace man, i'm ur advocate)
is addicted to you!
it's a gloomy day today, i need alot of coffee to keep me going!
Jan 23 2007 14:21 GMT LuPa
Day'll be better, coffee you, rhynn!!! Of course I must 100% agree with my advocate!
Jan 23 2007 16:25 GMT suzannesmash
AND dont for get Im your avocado your my coffee...
Jan 23 2007 16:53 GMT rhynnligwak
haha oh yezzzz LuPa, i'm your advocate, and Suzzy is your avocado, she can coffee you, you can coffee her and i can coffee both of you haha
Jan 23 2007 17:19 GMT suzannesmash
OMG Rhynn that is a LOT of coffee...hahahaha
Jan 23 2007 17:31 GMT rhynnligwak
oh yezzz Su, i can handle lots of coffee hahaha wrahrr i'm crazy, right now i'm crazy Su lol
Jan 23 2007 17:37 GMT LuPa
Yess, let's all coffee like crazy LOL
Jan 23 2007 17:39 GMT rhynnligwak
hahahahaha oh yezzzz! a toast for that!
Jan 23 2007 18:28 GMT LuPa
I NEVER forget it my dear avocado...
Jan 23 2007 20:07 GMT aquascience
I just love these b/w images,SUPERB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 23 2007 20:43 GMT suzannesmash
Dont you forget your avacado and your coffee....
Jan 24 2007 00:11 GMT Nigel001
Amazing shot again.
Jan 24 2007 08:27 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Nigel, goodmorning..
Jul 14 2009 17:42 GMT majumaj
I like this, nice capture Suzanne
Jul 22 2009 09:48 GMT handan
nice shine makes it very sensual
Apr 13 2010 04:26 GMT Earp63