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I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW...and I even got new glasses!!

Wish you a great start of our new week....

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I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW...and I even got new glasses!!

Wish you a great start of our new week..enjoy the small things,
and of course Coffee. I have a busy week..

And, i would be most greatful if someone could give some
good tips on what to do things in Madrid, im there on nov 29th
for lunch and a drink, maybe coffee, museumvisit and a tour.
Leaving again late evening for dinner in Lisabon..lol...

I love it hahaha..

anyone up for a beer in Dublin or maybe some wine in Paris..
and heey I know it, a walk in Liverpool and fishing somewhere

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 28 2007 23:34 GMT fotocellosdh
Hi, cool lady!!!!;-)
Oct 28 2007 23:37 GMT sweetjane
or maybe next year in jannuary london...with me in kensington hehehehehehehe xxx
Oct 28 2007 23:40 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha yeeees im booking that ticket in december. this is sooo crazy..when i think about it, lunch and drinks...museumvisit, walk and some spanish ehee..looks and then, dinner and wine in Lisabon...
Oct 28 2007 23:40 GMT rosyapple PRO
Haha! A walk in Liverpool is right up my street! Fishing? We will go fishing too and catch brown trout! A classy portrait Ms Filmstar!
Oct 28 2007 23:45 GMT sweetjane
hehehehehehehehehe it will be very crazy indeed but as the song who cares we'll get drunk first night we meet here is very easy to me dont feel guilty abt that hahahahahahahahahahaha btw, i really love this portrait of you great one as you!!
Oct 28 2007 23:47 GMT jceca PRO
like a movie scene, indeed ...

as for madrid, never been there.... but .... find some ham bar !!!!!!!!
i'm serious ...

and take a few photos of real football club stadium, just for me ... :-))
Oct 28 2007 23:49 GMT suzannesmash
I need some spanish men to guide a innocent swedish women...HAHAHA..OH yees.
I need REAL MADRID..lol gladiators
Oct 28 2007 23:51 GMT suzannesmash
Yes, fishing..and we are taking Sam with us..lol, tell him to IP RELEASE NOW
Oct 28 2007 23:53 GMT zeba
great photo! beauty will save this word!
Oct 28 2007 23:57 GMT rosyapple PRO
Yeeeep! We will have a gang of dudes over here!
Oct 28 2007 23:59 GMT suzannesmash
I bring some Gudrun Sjoden too...LOL
Oct 29 2007 00:09 GMT stuboy
Liverpool is just down the road from me.
I'm always up for a beer :)
Oct 29 2007 00:27 GMT DIGITALOOKING
very nice portrait dear friend. :)
Oct 29 2007 01:34 GMT peterpinhole
Sytlish glasses....beautiful long lashes too. Have a great week.
Oct 29 2007 02:19 GMT YesHello
love the glasses!!! did you get my package yet???? ; )
Oct 29 2007 04:55 GMT LisaSam67
hi you! just going to bed on this side of the planet!
great pic! don't forget to stop and smell a few roses this busy week of yours!
Oct 29 2007 05:19 GMT tosh116
What r u thinkin...lovely Portrait...Smoking is Injurious :)) Lovely week ahead !!!
Oct 29 2007 05:45 GMT fredaFunSite
hahhahaha very genuine pic my love!!
i love this shot allot!! classy shot 60's! i always love this kind of shooting.
Oct 29 2007 07:03 GMT hans55 PRO
looking good !!! :-))
dont forget to go to Amsterdam on your trip !!!
Oct 29 2007 07:12 GMT Felixthecat
Goodmorning Suz., we'll catch up later, nice picture btw, a little nolgastic mood, nice!
Oct 29 2007 07:18 GMT u40
zgas tego peta
Oct 29 2007 07:47 GMT suzannesmash
Hi Freda my dear, and CONGRATS..im so happy for you, its all there and you are
going to make it just the way you have struggled for...Have a great evening, catch
you later.
Oct 29 2007 07:47 GMT DannyBoy
Ah ah, is it a promo to some cigarettes company?
Oct 29 2007 07:48 GMT suzannesmash
Lisa, i actually bought a bunch of roses yesterday, so yes i smell them...and
good morning..lol, and thanks
Oct 29 2007 07:49 GMT suzannesmash
Yes Danny, its danish cigg, long red prince..haha
Oct 29 2007 07:49 GMT suzannesmash
Stu, Liverpool, London here we come!!
Oct 29 2007 08:27 GMT Hamin PRO
Love the glasses - they add to your staggering pulchritude and promote a professorial look that is quite intriguing and enticing. And, ah yes, Suzanne, book me in for the fishing expeditions.. LOL God bless, Manny
Oct 29 2007 09:01 GMT biggles
Sorry Suz' can only manage Watford for now, how about Nairobi in December? Good coffee in Kenya you know!

Have a great week.
Oct 29 2007 10:23 GMT suzannesmash
Ohhh or mombasa..or why not Zanzibar..that would be great, yes very great coffee..
Have a good week you too
Oct 29 2007 12:39 GMT Grain
Nice composition and glasses really suit you! You look like the sexy office woman that all the men are too afraid to talk to. Gorgeous x
Oct 29 2007 13:32 GMT LuPa

Not yet. What should I put in the bag?

Oct 29 2007 14:06 GMT LisaSam67
Hey Manny.... saw a shirt on this guy yesterday...... it read

Too Fish or NOT to Fish?
What a DUMB question!

you'd fit right in here at the lake house! hahahahahaha we always pick TO FISH! haha

and Good morning Suzanne...... Espresso made here!
Oct 29 2007 14:41 GMT aljd
ur beautiful,.lovely picture
Oct 29 2007 17:54 GMT botticcelli
Oct 29 2007 18:26 GMT hevychevy PRO
cool atatude shot Suzanne look like a gangster :)) LOL
Oct 29 2007 18:38 GMT serginho
Gravy......for smokers :)
Oct 29 2007 19:25 GMT Rasle
Just wonder where youŽll be having dessert??? ;-)))
btw. love your new glasses, you look very sophisticated!!
Oct 29 2007 20:22 GMT suzannesmash
Im staying in Lisabon some days..and then back home again. Thanks Sandra,
i just have to get use to wear them again..
Oct 29 2007 20:28 GMT suzannesmash
ESPRESSO...im coming over right now..
Oct 29 2007 20:41 GMT Educando
Lisbon is a great city! Say hello on your way back in Amsterdam or Utrecht :)
Oct 29 2007 20:49 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
What can we have as a late dinner????????
Oct 29 2007 21:02 GMT Ruedi PRO
Have you a new contract by malboro now.....lol
Oct 29 2007 21:22 GMT suzannesmash
LINGON maybe? lol or coffee on a plate
Oct 29 2007 22:34 GMT donlaczi
this is awesome!
Oct 29 2007 22:39 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Donlaczi
Oct 30 2007 07:24 GMT brummieboy
Serious and beautiful ....
Nov 05 2007 23:37 GMT tadieubone PRO
awesome !!!!!!!