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Tags gasolin


I couldnt resist. Its FERRARI and RED.

and for my danish friends, some real cult music..
i did see this live at Stones concert 1982..lol, so its kind of retro too


this is muuuusic at its best....

I heard a woman singing her song
and it was good and warm and strong
She made me cry I don't know why.

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 30 2007 21:21 GMT fotocellosdh
did you buy it?????
Oct 30 2007 21:22 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha nooo, but I couldnt resist from taking a shot...
Oct 30 2007 21:23 GMT Ruedi PRO
Same as my gardener used.......lol
Oct 30 2007 21:29 GMT hans55 PRO
i love it !!! :-))
Oct 30 2007 21:51 GMT Felixthecat
The music is good, the car is no food for my stomach!
Oct 30 2007 22:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Oct 30 2007 23:08 GMT cking
Nice "selective" color Sue.
Oct 30 2007 23:26 GMT Swede4
Just bout as red as red gets, nice bw background/selective color.
Oct 30 2007 23:30 GMT fourdeadpresidents
Those bore me.



Great shot and great car!
Oct 31 2007 09:51 GMT u40
dobra bryka
Oct 31 2007 11:33 GMT vladofly
I prefer aeroplanes but this picture of Ferrari is Excelent!!!
Oct 31 2007 11:50 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Nice work S! Those new Ferraris have more technology than the Space Shuttle!
Oct 31 2007 12:33 GMT CH1988
Great picture!
Oct 31 2007 13:58 GMT brummieboy
Smart car .. you would suit it perfectly Suzanne ....
Oct 31 2007 15:41 GMT Rasle
Hey good old Kim Larsen/Gasolin..... Kim is almost my neighbour, hes a nice man - has a lot of money but never makes a big thing out of him self, hes living in an small appartment with his wife and little son, have no car, no nothing! He gives away big amounts for charity though, a good thing to do! ;-)
Oct 31 2007 15:41 GMT Rasle
btw. great car!
Oct 31 2007 19:02 GMT LisaSam67
great catch! lmao at bill and his *sigh*s hahahaha
Oct 31 2007 19:09 GMT suzannesmash
he is like a BULL when he see that red..
Oct 31 2007 21:45 GMT LisaSam67
I know! hahahaha