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Sorry Im late, I thought I wouldnt miss this friday too...
Work is taking all my time right now...
The thing that first came on my mind with peace, was
our future..our children.

(and tea haha)

Friday night,

have some tea, surf to:


Help saving Our and the Worlds children and give them peace.

And Yes, I am actually having tea right now...

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2007 22:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well presented Suzzzz ... are you going to tag it peacefriday ?
Oct 26 2007 22:33 GMT suzannesmash
Ooops, sorry forget that..and just did it, thanks Roger
Oct 26 2007 22:34 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks, I didnt had any picture..just a thought..and made some tea
Oct 26 2007 22:37 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Somehow this is very peaceful....Nice photo GREAT mood....Have you get a moods today????
Oct 26 2007 22:37 GMT Swede4
A beautiful and well lit composition, perfect for tea time.
Oct 26 2007 22:37 GMT hevychevy PRO
great entry Suzanne :)
Oct 26 2007 22:38 GMT Pietje
Wonderful entry...

Wish you a peaceful weekend......

Oct 26 2007 22:40 GMT suzannesmash
Carlos, I have been working since early this morning, i just got home...
thaaank you, i bought a lot of lingon at the big market today
Oct 26 2007 22:52 GMT Bowser
Agree with that!
Oct 26 2007 22:55 GMT Swede4
A beautiful and well lit composition, perfect for tea time.
Oct 26 2007 23:19 GMT leoarcov
Oct 26 2007 23:36 GMT jceca PRO
this is wonderful, suz ... especially your thought ...

i'm having apple juice .... tea color ... :-)
Oct 26 2007 23:36 GMT cataplasma
That's beautiful
Oct 26 2007 23:51 GMT Rasle
What a wonderful thought - to help saving the children of the future... Great entry Suzanne. And such a cosy pic. having tea by candlelight! Did your coffee maker brake down?? lol ;-)))
Oct 27 2007 00:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Such a beautiful and peaceful presented!
Great entry!

Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend, Suzanne! :))
Oct 27 2007 00:43 GMT peterpinhole
Beautiful thoughtful entry ....tea... this IS a switch...I thought you were strictly a coffee person LOL. Nice warm photograph.
Oct 27 2007 03:45 GMT TRAPCHAT
no more coffee?
tea is good (peppermint, hmmm)
Oct 27 2007 04:41 GMT Felixthecat
Let there be peace!!
Nice entry, have a great weekend!!!!
Oct 27 2007 05:52 GMT Vargen
WooW!!!!! SUPER!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful still life photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl, you are a pro....... ;-)))
Oct 27 2007 06:37 GMT sini
Lovely peaceful entry!:)
Oct 27 2007 06:37 GMT Swede4
A beautiful and well lit composition, perfect for tea time.
Oct 27 2007 07:37 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful composition and foto!:)
Oct 27 2007 09:44 GMT DIGITALOOKING
beautiful shot and lovely composition! have great weekend full of coffee and rest. :)
Oct 27 2007 11:21 GMT CH1988
Beautiful shot!
Oct 27 2007 13:56 GMT 32131
So nice composition! :)
Oct 27 2007 14:01 GMT hans55 PRO
very good composed !!
Oct 27 2007 17:58 GMT sweetjane
so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
Oct 27 2007 18:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Oct 27 2007 19:31 GMT suzannesmash
I think I need some tea now...i got this burning in my troat from coffee..ehee and work
Oct 27 2007 19:32 GMT suzannesmash
and Thanks alot everyone for taking time looking and commeting at this..
i will be better and catch up with your pictures as soon..i have some more time..