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1672 views 8 people's favourite photo

And I know that you hope for,
Longer good-byes.
Embracing for forever,
And falling in your eyes.
In your eyes.
In your eyes.

Pouring over photographs.
I'm living in your letters.
Deeply from this envelope.
It smells like you,
And I can't be,
Without that scent;
It's filling me,
With all you mean to me.
To me.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2007 03:50 GMT LisaSam67
cool nail color!
Aug 28 2007 03:53 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Lisa, same as the blouse...lol..well that kind of heather-pinkish-mauve is
DA color for the fall...and I like it a lot
Aug 28 2007 03:54 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha and its my own too...LOL, i dont like fake ones for some reason i find
them cheap looking..
Aug 28 2007 04:11 GMT LisaSam67
oh I totally agree! and such a waste of money too!
Aug 28 2007 04:14 GMT suzannesmash
it must have something to do with my deeper knowleedge in medicin..and the harm it does to your nails and the bacteries that you keep there..ive seen them close..lol..
so, keep all fake nails wearers away from me..hahaha
Aug 28 2007 04:16 GMT LisaSam67
LOL I agree!
Aug 28 2007 04:23 GMT Rickncalif
what ya writing? Coffee this.........:o))
Aug 28 2007 04:24 GMT suzannesmash
Im trying to spell my name...laying on my desk..LOL
Aug 28 2007 04:30 GMT Rickncalif
why are you laying on you're desk??.........I'm laughing so much here.......lol
Aug 28 2007 04:31 GMT suzannesmash
i was trying it out...hahahaha
Aug 28 2007 04:33 GMT Rickncalif
LOL you're just too adorable........lol
Aug 28 2007 04:35 GMT suzannesmash
Its now 6 34 here in the morning AND i have been up since 5 believing something else LOL
Aug 28 2007 06:05 GMT Kurt
'morning, Suz..
Nice view..;-))))))
Aug 28 2007 06:19 GMT candle07

Very cool shot and poem too lovely suzanne.
Aug 28 2007 06:53 GMT DIGITALOOKING
very nice shot Suzan, nice colors and lovely idea. have a great week
Aug 28 2007 07:43 GMT maguzz
mmmhh ... not able to watch in full size ... i need some coffe too --- NOW ... ;-)
Aug 28 2007 08:43 GMT botticcelli
spectacular...background! heh ..kisses!
Aug 28 2007 08:52 GMT sweetjane
are you writting me?
lovely you!!
Aug 28 2007 10:33 GMT Studio88
Perfect Photo - I can't reply to your message on here, says I've reached the maximum
for today. Please send me your e-mail address.
Aug 28 2007 12:37 GMT caferr
wonderful shot... congrats...
Aug 28 2007 12:43 GMT fredaFunSite
my eyes is leading to the edge! ;))))
muahhhhh!! big kisses darling ;))
Aug 28 2007 14:57 GMT Swede4
Very cool picture, angle, perspective and dof.
Aug 28 2007 16:53 GMT Ruedi PRO
Cool nails...pink...lol
Aug 28 2007 19:19 GMT hevychevy PRO
cool take on writing with nice words to pull it all together :))
Aug 28 2007 20:14 GMT vladofly
no words, excelent!
Aug 28 2007 20:28 GMT Twiggs
Great shot
Aug 28 2007 20:29 GMT Twiggs
Great shot
Aug 28 2007 22:31 GMT Pietje
Fantastic shot ...........
Aug 29 2007 04:18 GMT BuckleBunny
No wonder you were laying on your desk... wee morning hours from that mismatch with yer watch... LOL!!! Are ya making a "places to see and things to do list" for when you come see ME??!!! LOL!!!
Aug 29 2007 08:15 GMT rock
Aug 29 2007 15:50 GMT toshkatakb
Cool picture!
Aug 29 2007 22:31 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh sexxxxxy shot Suzanne...lol..I can't do THAT:-)))
Aug 29 2007 23:29 GMT correallano
Muy linda perspectiva!!
Aug 30 2007 02:46 GMT sikobonden
Such a heavy combination. Gorgeous shot and excellent harmony between the words and image. My favorite words in the caption are, "And I can't be,
Without that scent; It's filling me, With all you mean to me." Wonderful.
Sep 01 2007 07:54 GMT juanse
defenetively great depth on this foto...
Sep 02 2007 18:54 GMT Kyra73
good composition lovely
Sep 03 2007 09:29 GMT dcz
very nice and expresive.
Sep 03 2007 15:21 GMT jamaboop
Wonderful photo!! What a marvelous idea. (and a great manicure too!)
Sep 03 2007 16:46 GMT palakol
Fabulous Photo.. c",)
Sep 06 2007 17:35 GMT rosyapple PRO
Very emotional! I like how you have expressed this!
Sep 06 2007 20:37 GMT wagnerleonardo
Your letter did not arrive yet...my dear
Sep 06 2007 20:39 GMT suzannesmash
Sep 10 2007 00:25 GMT wagnerleonardo
I will wait for yours my dear forever...