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In memory of the last color of Summer...

and to make some lines out of my favorite music...

Love hurts on
This flight Tonight
And Daveys on the road again but
Blinded by the light
Yet feels like makin love
Near the wishing well
In avalon
Yet is your love strong enough
For the great gig in the sky on
The dark side of the moon?

AND now sing


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Comments on this photo:

Sep 06 2007 19:11 GMT cking
Check out my "Starbucks" on eyefetch.
Sep 06 2007 19:12 GMT cking
Sorry it's on here too.
Sep 06 2007 19:13 GMT hevychevy PRO
them eyes are still awsome :))
Sep 06 2007 19:14 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Looking at you check your messages
Sep 06 2007 19:17 GMT BuckleBunny
Awwwww... such a lovely summertime face, striking eyes, and I LOVE that color you are wearing too, one of my FAV's!!! ;) :) Smashing shot dear SUZZZZZZ!!!
Sep 06 2007 19:17 GMT Rickncalif
I coffee this....................with fluffy milk lol very nice :o)
Sep 06 2007 19:27 GMT Ruedi PRO
I think the coffee make it!!!!
Sep 06 2007 19:27 GMT seemolf
you forgot: baby's got green eyes (Elton J. was wrong in this case)...
A little bit too close for a portrait (your hands are not long enough??)
Sep 06 2007 19:30 GMT suzannesmash
hahahaha, noo they are short..and not very well as human tripods...thanks
Sep 06 2007 19:31 GMT sweetjane
the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen in my life!! hehehehehe
Sep 06 2007 19:47 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, rescue me ive been walking in my sleep AND tried to WORK...lol
my god i had even find a pencil....i need to take a shot of this...
Sep 06 2007 19:50 GMT JPHarr
Intense! You sure are a purty li'l thang. =)
Sep 06 2007 19:53 GMT suzannesmash
im 5'4 is that enough? lol
Sep 06 2007 19:56 GMT Swede4
Fantastic colors and lighting - a very nice portrait.
Sep 06 2007 19:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
Worthy of a magazine cover !!
Sep 06 2007 20:07 GMT VinceHopson1
Avalon ?
The Roxy Music ballad ?

Sep 06 2007 20:08 GMT ENZO

blue "skandal" eyes
Sep 06 2007 20:11 GMT YesHello
awesome song and beautiful eyes!!!!
Sep 06 2007 20:15 GMT Elise
WOW look at that blue eyes......stunning!! kisssssssssssss
Sep 06 2007 20:20 GMT Twiggs
Stunning !!
Sep 06 2007 20:20 GMT JPHarr
Yeah, that IS an awesome song. Great album. B-)
Sep 06 2007 20:22 GMT suzannesmash
Isnt it strange, i can so remember that very day i went to the musicstore and bought that album...
Sep 06 2007 20:27 GMT suzannesmash
Vince, its one song in each line...so count them up now, its not
take a chance on me
Sep 06 2007 20:31 GMT suzannesmash
I would like to ask you if I can use one of your black and white danish rock pics to frame for that wall..
Sep 06 2007 20:36 GMT wagnerleonardo
Wonderful as usual Su.
Sep 06 2007 20:56 GMT seemolf

Sure, but don*t tear down the wall too soon!
Actually these square pictures were made for your nice frames...
Sep 06 2007 21:29 GMT francismagic
so beautiful... as usual, lol!
Sep 06 2007 21:32 GMT BuckleBunny
Hey... your shirt here matches one of the tropical flowers I just posted too... and ya got me hooked on those U-Tube music videos now too... LOL!!!! ALWAYS feeling the wonderful lyrics... listening with the heart... ;)
Sep 06 2007 22:04 GMT hans55 PRO
lovely summercolors ... your a Pink Floyd fan too ??? :-)))
Sep 06 2007 22:18 GMT peter229
How do you do it? Every self portrait is SO good. You are so photogenic. Nice taste in Music too.
Sep 06 2007 22:49 GMT Swede4
Fantastic colors and lighting - a very nice portrait.
Sep 06 2007 23:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Your magical eye!
Sep 07 2007 00:56 GMT granitbiscut
HCM , those eyes are amazing !!!
Sep 07 2007 02:45 GMT LisaSam67
hehe I knew Jeff would love these eyes!
they are amazing girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 07 2007 02:54 GMT Studio88
WOW!!! Suzanne The Beautiful!!!;-)
Sep 07 2007 03:11 GMT larrybenedict
Very striking Suz....what we call eye candy in the Southern USA.
Sep 07 2007 06:48 GMT suzannesmash
I like this white square...LOL...you put light into my life...thanks Larry
Sep 07 2007 06:53 GMT suzannesmash
Heeeello Yes and yes thanks, hellooo i hope you get a great weekend. Cheers!!!
Sep 07 2007 07:18 GMT poetstrawberry
hey how are you suzannesmas
perfect eyessss :)
thankss For the photograph
Sep 07 2007 07:33 GMT brummieboy
Breathtakingly beautiful my lovely lady ....
Sep 07 2007 08:23 GMT Bali
Love Pink Floyd and your eyes:)
Sep 07 2007 15:25 GMT senna3
Outstanding picture!
Sep 07 2007 17:24 GMT LaCamille
I can still see the summer in you face and in your laugh PUSS PUSS
Sep 07 2007 17:34 GMT suzannesmash
Thank you Bali, wish you a beautiful weekend
Sep 07 2007 21:20 GMT gillandtony
Great picture well done
Sep 08 2007 02:07 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
Sep 08 2007 08:46 GMT rosyapple PRO
You always look so whole!
Sep 08 2007 14:44 GMT dmc
Wonderful colours ;-D Well done!
Sep 08 2007 16:40 GMT Squirrel PRO
Very beautiful self-portrait.....................
Sep 10 2007 02:13 GMT jomoud PRO
those eyes are gorgeous!!!!
Sep 11 2007 12:10 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Jomoud
Sep 11 2007 23:54 GMT Lobster514
Love this one!!
Oct 10 2007 09:55 GMT Hamin PRO
sexig, fargstark ! Bravo.
Oct 14 2007 09:55 GMT Felixthecat
Diagonally ... also ;)
Oct 07 2008 20:58 GMT matrixIceman
these eyes are not from this world ;)