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If I could read your mind

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I am so tired, working around the clock...just read the
Operating information at our site, its been hell week.
First a move of DNS servers from one system to another
including 23 thousand domains...they all lost their CNAMES.
Entire net down two times, because of some loop in our switches
and then two big web servers, one apache and one IIS broke down
and on top of that one of our big databas servers...lol..
But I do promise it was and still is, easy to keep from laughing
with about 70 000 customers, both for webspace and serverhosting.

Global Crossing rent space in our
highend server hall, 95 % of Swedens outgoing connections is
through that...what if I stumble..HUH?

I even sleepwalking, counting and writing ip addresses...something
must be wroooong...lol


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Comments on this photo:

Sep 08 2007 20:46 GMT LizSA
Hello Suzanna..... I am also sleep walking...but no work here....
yes if you are in the computer bussiness.....it is hard work.......
work .. work... good to see you still have a smile and looking good...!
Sep 08 2007 20:56 GMT sweetjane
wow always stunning.................how is going ur nite dear?? xxxxxx
Sep 08 2007 21:01 GMT suzannesmash
i dont know, i miss a day or two...i mean i lost two days on the way lol..
i cant even remember getting up two days ago..but besides that its going great
I just need some sleep...and some time off, but those times will come too..

soooo kixxxxx my beautiful friend, i wish i could have been there being drunk with you taking not straight pics...hahahaha
Sep 08 2007 21:06 GMT BuckleBunny
I'm here to rescue YOU... hop on the back of this dragonfly with me and let's sail away, ok??!! LOL!!!!!!!! Time for Suz to have some FUN!!! YAHOOOOOOO... LOL!!! :) :) :)
Sep 08 2007 21:08 GMT suzannesmash
I have fun watching myself looking fun...lol, im so happy i can laugh at myself so much

Sep 08 2007 21:10 GMT BuckleBunny
... if you could read my mind love...what a tale my thoughts could tell... just like an old time movie... like a ghost from a wishing well... hmmm... I may not have those lyrics quite right there ya know... LOL... oh well... it is one of my FAV songs ya know... hee hee hee.... and by the way... this pic of you ties in wonderfully with that caption.... what do those windows to your soul have to say today.... ;) (Had to come back with that... LOL!)
Sep 08 2007 21:13 GMT suzannesmash
MINE TOOOOO...ive got at least 4 versions of it, now i have the one with Viola Wills in my ears, but of course the original and Gordon Lightfoot is something special..
I cant help it, im so lost in 70s music..
Sep 08 2007 21:15 GMT BuckleBunny
I LOVE the 70's music too Suz... great stuff... and what we grew up with after all, probably why it's forever in our souls perhaps... ;) Ahhhh... Gordon Lightfoot... time to search the Rhapsody.com website and listen a bit now too... :)
Sep 08 2007 21:17 GMT suzannesmash
We have to sing, at least You..i can use your hairdryer and take pics...LOL..
Sep 08 2007 21:18 GMT marbon
beautiful portrait
Sep 08 2007 21:22 GMT BuckleBunny
Hee hee... We can have fun with all the hair utensils... or... I have several microphones too... we can lip sync and take pics and video... and sing along with ALL the great music from the 70's... Abba... and all the others too!!! LOL!!! Can you imagine ALL the laughter in that????!!! Maybe that will help ease all your weekend work woes... a little at least, I hope!!! Grinzzzzzzz... ;) :)
Sep 08 2007 21:25 GMT suzannesmash
IT SURE DOES, i can picture it so very clear...HAHAHA wonder why...
lip sync, that sounds dirty...LOL, ok i will wear a furhat too
Sep 08 2007 21:33 GMT BuckleBunny
Hey... I'll trade ya that there fur hat for my cowgirl hat??!!! We can take some shots of THAT too!!! LOL!!!
Sep 08 2007 21:44 GMT jaspinheiro
It's a portrait from you after that Murphy's day at work?
Great shot!
Sep 08 2007 21:47 GMT suzannesmash
Are we talking Murphys week or...I have to say its from last week..
thanks, last week i still was kind of stable on my hands..lol
Sep 08 2007 22:19 GMT Bali
Me,I`m working too so hard at the moment!!!!! You just look so fresh!!!! :)
Sep 08 2007 22:22 GMT suzannesmash
this was last week..not today..im not fresh today, i feel tired and like 100 years old
Sep 08 2007 22:37 GMT Bali
Me too:)I never would make a self-portrait now:)
Sep 08 2007 22:44 GMT hevychevy PRO
good gosh all mighty them eyes are so awsome :))
Sep 08 2007 22:46 GMT Kaska
CMS will be busy.... :)
Sep 08 2007 23:26 GMT LisaSam67
wow you ARE busy! hugs and coffee for you :-))))))))))
Sep 09 2007 00:18 GMT seemolf
Sorry that I can't help you with that DNS, BIND, CNAME ... stuff from here.
(I've been in the same business for some time)

...but I have seen such a picture in b&w just with coloured eyes.
Give it a try.
It's a kind of magic!

Sep 09 2007 02:19 GMT Kyra73
beautiful woman
Sep 09 2007 05:46 GMT YesHello
you are so beautiful S!!!
Sep 09 2007 09:36 GMT katia91
lovely portrait
Sep 09 2007 14:24 GMT Pietje
Wonderful B&W portrait........
Sep 09 2007 14:57 GMT brummieboy
Beautiful face .. so beautiful ....
Sep 09 2007 21:50 GMT Keitology
You have amazing face :)
Sep 10 2007 02:12 GMT jomoud PRO
After hearing that, I am almost afraid to state that I am back from a great holiday.
I wonder what is waiting for me in my offcie tomorrow:)
Sep 10 2007 20:41 GMT vusha
wonderful portrait...love your eyes
Sep 10 2007 20:44 GMT Denham
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a beauty. Such captavateing eye's. BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sep 10 2007 20:47 GMT suzannesmash
Can you send your secretary to me?
Sep 10 2007 21:10 GMT KhamikaZe
I love the accentuation of the eyes by the mascara and the sharpness of the lips followed by the dept of field:-) Great B&W portrait.
Sep 10 2007 21:15 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks, a lil extra contrast and a slightly cross process made the mascare go black..and more black..hahaha
Sep 11 2007 10:35 GMT Studio88
You need a vacation in the USA for sure!
Very Beautiful Photo!!!
Oct 11 2007 20:37 GMT Mauricelucien
Nice angle, but if you don't mind me asking: why do you take so many pictures of yourself?


Oct 11 2007 20:39 GMT suzannesmash
Why not? Its perfect to learn your camera and manual settings, everyone takes pictures of themselfs, some less some more...lol, and im not the one with most on here. Satisfied I hope.