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One day soon you'll be one or the other
And then you will see
That the cirlce begins here with...me


Father, and Son
Brother and Lover

We can grow together
We walk together
We can laugh
We can cry


It makes me kind of sad looking at this, I miss her so much
and this was the last time we was together.
I would give anything for her.

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 28 2007 18:40 GMT elliewinds PRO
i think you must be the most photogenic person ever!! how do you get so many great self portraits?
Dec 28 2007 18:43 GMT suzannesmash
That is my sister thank you...haha, we look just so alike..and i always miss
her and my family so much this time of year..they live far away from me.
Dec 28 2007 18:45 GMT piskins72
Lovely words Suzanne!
Dec 28 2007 18:48 GMT Foggydew
great capture!
Dec 28 2007 18:55 GMT Cronos1
The circle have no end, the time have no end, and your family is forever with you...(so is with me, my own..); and the raven: nevermore....(love your soul suz...hope you don't misunderstand...
Dec 28 2007 18:59 GMT hans55 PRO
wise words this late evening !! ...good capture of your beautyfull sister !!
Dec 28 2007 19:04 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Capture!!!! Wonderful in B&W!!!!!
Dec 28 2007 19:06 GMT bennystr
Beautiful shot and touching message!
Happy 2008!
Dec 28 2007 19:16 GMT Cronos1
And I forget, my friend :let be the FORCE with you !
Dec 28 2007 19:25 GMT YesHello
she is as fun as you? i know how you feel, my sister lives in texas and that is about a 15 hour drive.
Dec 28 2007 19:25 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Happy New Year to You!!!! Thanks for being my friend, and for all the wonderful comments!!!
Dec 28 2007 20:14 GMT hevychevy PRO
superb image suzanne and mixed but great words true to life :-)
Dec 28 2007 20:16 GMT Kaska
Happy New Year Suzanne! I wish for you that you'll see her more often in the coming year.
Dec 28 2007 20:17 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You Kaska, I hope soo too..but its far and nothing you do in a day or two..
im going there for easter..
Dec 28 2007 20:21 GMT Kaska
I know the feeling... have my only brother quite far away....
I guess it's the same with you that when you see eachother it's as if you never left...
Easter is not that far away...
Dec 28 2007 20:32 GMT Adamus
Beautiful shot.
Happy New Year 2008!
Dec 28 2007 20:36 GMT stuboy
Nice pic.
Both my sisters moved away to get away from me.

But I tracked them down & stole their beer :))))))
Dec 28 2007 20:47 GMT Cronos1
I will go now, maybe for a long time..
Good bye, my dear friend, we will see lather...
Dec 28 2007 20:52 GMT suzannesmash
For a long time? Well just dont leave...
take care and be safe..
Dec 28 2007 20:58 GMT nimbus
when i was in Canada, i really missed my sisters and my mom to greece.
Is not easy...but...you know what? love is a miracle...stunning feeling overflow the heart and soul and you know how to get better...cause you are strong...
The choices, cost all of us...Even thought we choose the space, or the others...no matter what...the point is, that you are not alone...you have so much affection and love and you can do anything you want....In addition, your family become in your heart...
And you know as they know that look for each other, into communication.
Phone call, cel phone, sms, email, or...whatever!
My older sister, used to say that love, is fata morgana!
Is a wish and take it with you to protect you:)
Your sister is so beautiful, just like you:)

Dec 28 2007 21:17 GMT RiverRabbit
Hmmm, you certainly have style.......
Dec 28 2007 21:23 GMT Vargen
Hey Suz!!!! Super b&w photo!!!
Dec 28 2007 21:25 GMT mariazinha32
beautiful words and photo :-))
Dec 28 2007 22:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Lovely Camilla ... I know she is thinking exactly the same of you Suzzz
Dec 29 2007 05:25 GMT beedabee
Great words .. and portrait ... have a great 2008!
Dec 29 2007 06:46 GMT caminant
funny photo!
Dec 29 2007 08:36 GMT RedleyImages
I'm in love !! lol ! Happy New Year to you and your family xx
Dec 29 2007 09:16 GMT Anland
The shot is amazing!
Dec 29 2007 09:31 GMT Felixthecat
Ahh, the MFP girl again, wish her 'best wishes' (and don't forget yourself)! :)
Her acting is good, I remerber her fist :)
Dec 29 2007 09:32 GMT znacke
This is amazing work, great composition and superb idea :)))))))))) best wishes for 2008 :)))))))))))))))
Dec 29 2007 09:46 GMT soldier
LOVELY and perfect composition!!!

Thanks for friendship and your kind comments in this year my friend.
HAPPY NEW YEAR with a lot of wonderful new photoes!!!!!!!
Best regards, soldier (Agoston)
Dec 29 2007 10:13 GMT rcm
Perfection :)
Dec 29 2007 10:16 GMT candle07
Wonderfull suzanne and wish to y all things making y happy, next year will be grat for y.
Dec 29 2007 12:50 GMT Studio88
Family / Sisters are Very Special ;-))
Dec 29 2007 15:30 GMT jceca PRO
my english is too poor to be able to express my feelings about this ... and i'm not in a mood for some big philosophy anyway ...

just want to say LOOOOVE this photo !!!
i have two photos of my best friend and myself, taken more than 20 years ago, acting like a monument too .... it was some tribute to the soldiers from WW II ... :-)
Dec 30 2007 12:10 GMT Ruedi PRO
Jun 13 2009 04:38 GMT hbla PRO
I love this!
Sep 06 2009 06:06 GMT Pinkpitch
Lovely face and words :)