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Well...out for the weekend and even out of new pics, I cant
stand this keyboard not working and not having all my files from
my last weeks crashed computer and as soon Ive got it all back i will
start to configure and reinstall everything...but right now, I just dont
have the time and , lets say In the meantime (great song with
Spacehog) I will be out for a smoke or two...
I wish you a beautiful weekend, AND do to day...what should be..
you never know what tomorrow will bring.

KISS AND LOVE...and music, with passion from me.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 31 2007 21:26 GMT Rickncalif
I coffee this shot and throw Tahiti in too! ;o)
Aug 31 2007 21:27 GMT hevychevy PRO
great seductive shot the smoke draws you in :))
Aug 31 2007 21:29 GMT suzannesmash
WOOOHOOOO, i just got back home..but not from Tahiti...LOL..
and hey, i even remember waking up, how are you?
Aug 31 2007 21:37 GMT Rickncalif
just got home? from work??......lol I'm plenty fine Suz........how bout you?? *GRIN*
Aug 31 2007 21:41 GMT suzannesmash
nawww..actually not...lol, i have a life too..besides work..
and im just greeeeeat here..You know what, tomorrow afternoon im setting up
a shooting in a photostudio...WOOOHOOO..well, im back to normal now..
got any coffee for me huh?
Aug 31 2007 21:44 GMT Rickncalif
yay Suz!!.......photo studio???.....that's sounds fun! I wanna play! lol.........I have plenty of coffee for you.....and even fluffy milk! lol :o)
Aug 31 2007 21:52 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Correct.......tomorrow I plan some beach ....4/8 October Arlanda no idea what weather will find...what I can expect from the city...when the mind went drftin on and the feet were soon to follow........
Aug 31 2007 22:01 GMT sweetjane
precious!!! hy dear!!!
Aug 31 2007 22:02 GMT Jagged PRO
That's a wicked picture of you. Have a great weekend!
Aug 31 2007 22:25 GMT will
Great lighting and effects...!
Aug 31 2007 22:44 GMT DIGITALOOKING
So sweet, beautiful shot. i wish you have the best weekend ever. :)
Aug 31 2007 23:10 GMT nicoalfredo

BUT QUIT SMOKING PLEASE, IT'LL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 31 2007 23:36 GMT Swede4
Smokin' hot and still smoldering, lis that a picture from a Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall movie or a young Marlene Dietrich. Impressive!
Aug 31 2007 23:44 GMT elbeaver
you look different here, very nice :D
Sep 01 2007 00:07 GMT LisaSam67
Smokin' Sizzlin' Hot pic girl!!!!!!!!
Sep 01 2007 01:42 GMT Felixthecat
mmm ... good
Sep 01 2007 01:45 GMT jceca PRO
take your time girl ...
beautiful weekend to you too !!!!
Sep 01 2007 04:58 GMT peterpinhole
Great shot Suzanne...you look like a secret agent in this photo!!! Have a great weekend!!
Sep 01 2007 06:09 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Mister, and what a wicked world....haha
Sep 01 2007 06:14 GMT suzannesmash
Wooohoo, cant wait for that Carlos...and welcome to Stockholm...
i will show your the world through my eyes
Sep 01 2007 07:34 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
...well and I ll be happy to see...now a cofee
Good Weekend sweetie
Sep 01 2007 07:36 GMT suzannesmash
Coooffee too you too, and have a wonderful weekend. Sun is shining
Sep 01 2007 08:47 GMT botticcelli
you rock!
Sep 01 2007 12:04 GMT suzannesmash
Thank you soon october17
Sep 01 2007 12:39 GMT toshkatakb
Great portrait and photo!
Sep 01 2007 23:27 GMT Twiggs
Too nice. Perfection:)
Sep 02 2007 00:01 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Sep 02 2007 07:16 GMT brummieboy
Fantatstic shot .. and .. as always .. sooooooooooooo beautiful ....
Sep 02 2007 18:48 GMT Ruedi PRO
Smoking hot pic!...LOL
Sep 02 2007 18:51 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHAHA you nailed that one..lol
Sep 02 2007 19:06 GMT Nodster
cool portrait
Sep 02 2007 20:09 GMT katia91
u aren`t just beautiful but also very tallented..i love ur work.. u are a good example to follow
Sep 03 2007 00:20 GMT juanse
this is a beautiful portrait...
Sep 03 2007 09:29 GMT dcz
Sep 03 2007 15:24 GMT jamaboop
This is a wonderful self portrait!! I believe if you held a flower it would be just as powerful an image. A marvelous combination of lighting, composition and all.

I am sorry about your computer crash!!
Sep 03 2007 15:49 GMT BuckleBunny
I wish I could capture such self portraits that show all the "passion" from within... ;) ALWAYS love what you come up with Suz... another wonderfully beautiful SP!!!
Sep 03 2007 16:45 GMT palakol
Simply Stunning.. c",)
Sep 03 2007 21:36 GMT LisaSam67
I know BuckleBunny! aren't her SP's the best! I have tried and tried shooting some of these angles of myself..... i just feel silly hahahahahhaaha

lol had to come check this one out again Suzanne........ you rock!
Sep 03 2007 21:52 GMT fredaFunSite
awwww super gorgeous!!!
love that stare and pose.
Sep 06 2007 17:26 GMT VolkanBal
Sep 06 2007 17:38 GMT rosyapple PRO
Always a favourite!
Sep 11 2007 12:19 GMT sanxurxo
so nice portrait

added to favs ;)
Sep 27 2007 20:51 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Yup I am gonna have to add this one to faves!
Sep 27 2007 20:56 GMT suzannesmash
Smoking times...i think i need one now
Sep 27 2007 20:58 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Me too... back in 5 :)
Jan 17 2008 17:02 GMT Hamin PRO
Hi Sam - I agree with you - Ah - Sultry Suzanne - you have done it to us again ! A FAV -- no question about it ! Manny :-)
Feb 03 2008 14:05 GMT PepermintPuNk
truly one fo the sexiest pics I have seen , it doesn't have to be nude to be beautiful... Lovely.

A fav!

Jun 22 2012 22:37 GMT Studio88
Never Too Late For A Kiss & Love ;-)