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More Nurse memories...

Pleasure to intruduce to you - Lilly at her 100 th birthday...

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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2007 19:13 GMT LizSA
ah no..........100 years......she is looking fantastic....congratulations Lily...
I think you are so beautiful......you keep your posture so well....!!
Jun 27 2007 19:16 GMT suzannesmash
Lizsa, she was fantastic, a strong women...and she had been a widow for almost 35 years..and lived in her and her husbands big apartment until she was 99 and couldnt see anymore and had a stroke. So she was kind of misarble for that she couldnt live and take care of her and her own anymore..

Jun 27 2007 19:18 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Fabulous and brave lady
Jun 27 2007 19:19 GMT Molly PRO
so much character in this portrait!
Jun 27 2007 19:27 GMT bagiggio
Great! My Grandmother has 100 years! It's something of extraordinary!!
A kiss for Lilly!
Jun 27 2007 20:07 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Molly, thats for sure something she are too...
Jun 27 2007 20:45 GMT Crowy
Congratualtions to Lilly.....'Girl Power'..
Jun 27 2007 21:01 GMT Foggydew
very fine capture!
Jun 27 2007 21:01 GMT aquascience
Wow.....really lovely picture.....and 100th birthday,so nice.
Jun 27 2007 21:05 GMT jomoud PRO
what a gorgeous portrait and fabulous tribute
you can be very proud of this suzanne
Jun 27 2007 21:12 GMT klingklingeling
wow 100 !!! Cool! If we will be like this with such a greogeous smile when we are old? Its the hope we have i think. :-)
Jun 27 2007 23:08 GMT Macrat
Superb - Happy one ton Lily - all the best...........
Jun 28 2007 05:24 GMT fredaH
awesome b&w pic. full of characters!
happy B-day on 100 y.o.
Jun 28 2007 06:21 GMT voodoo23
alot stories in her face....lovely....lively...
Jun 28 2007 07:28 GMT Czaku
Happy Birthday Lily
Jun 28 2007 09:02 GMT brummieboy
Happy Birthday Lily ... looking good!!!
Jun 28 2007 17:36 GMT rosyapple PRO
She has been (and still is) a beautiful and elegant lady!
Jun 28 2007 17:44 GMT jceca PRO
woooooooow !!!! really impressive ... special ...
happy birthday, lily !!!!

and ... i fully agree with klingklingeling !!!
thanks for sharing, suz ......
Jun 28 2007 21:03 GMT PatNolan
Superb portrait suzanne
Jun 28 2007 21:12 GMT GeoffReeves
She looks feisty and strong...a lovely portrait !
Jun 28 2007 21:51 GMT Ro73
Beautiful portrait!
Jun 28 2007 22:43 GMT Archer
Yes full of character...and wow...100 behind her, that's really something!
Jun 29 2007 06:43 GMT MissFotothing
Congratulations you are the *Missfotothing* thiss week:))

Jun 29 2007 23:58 GMT peterpinhole
Wonderful portrait and best wishes to Lily!!
Jun 30 2007 01:06 GMT Jakeobean
Lilly....best to you on your 100th birthday....it's obvious that your spirit rages on with happiness and joy.....Susanne..you have created a very special photograph of Lilly ....thank you so much for sharing her joy with us........
Jun 30 2007 01:19 GMT Hairlessman
...the pleasure is all mine...
Jun 30 2007 01:54 GMT Nigel001
Jun 30 2007 06:09 GMT hbla PRO
happy birthday Lilly :)
inspiring and sad and sad and inspring.
Jul 01 2007 09:25 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You all for taking your time to look and comment at my pics, im sorry If i don't do that much commeting right at the time..but I will do better when I have some time over...Thanks again.
Jul 01 2007 09:32 GMT handan
no need to appologise; this pic and title is breathtaking
Jul 01 2007 09:50 GMT Spelter
Lovely portrait and reminds me of when I was a nurse too.
Jul 01 2007 12:59 GMT Studio88
HAPPY 100th Birthday Lilly!!!
I know a Lillian, who's Dad just celebrated his 100th Birthday!
Suzzane, you're in a wonderful Profession!!!
There's a Nursing shortage here in the USA!!!
Jul 15 2007 14:37 GMT ghost4u
beautiful shot of a lovely soul
Aug 13 2007 17:46 GMT sikobonden
It is wonderful that you share your vitality so freely. Beautiful portrait!