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I'm AWAKE...woohooo...

I am a BIG DOG NOW, so don't mess with me..hahahaha

10339 views 16 people's favourite photo

I'm AWAKE...woohooo...

I am a BIG DOG NOW, so don't mess with me..hahahaha
and yes I am still a "Bouvier Bernois"

8 week and just about 5 kg...

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2007 19:36 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Ohhhh beautiful doggy:-)))
Jul 02 2007 19:36 GMT zambezi
oh my word stunning doargggggggggggg
Jul 02 2007 19:37 GMT Elise
Come here...I give you a hug:))

So sweet and great shot Suz))
Jul 02 2007 19:42 GMT klingklingeling
oh please give him a kiss :-) such a cuty :-)
Jul 02 2007 19:46 GMT Nerina
omg I love these dogs....gorgeous capture
Jul 02 2007 19:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - he's sooooooo darling!
Jul 02 2007 19:56 GMT Rasle
Ill hug him whenever, whereever..... ;-))
Jul 02 2007 20:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
Kia ora Bob
Jul 02 2007 20:32 GMT abojovna PRO
This kid of the same dog /pastoral/ have our neighbourgh, i forgot my camera at home ...
Jul 02 2007 20:37 GMT hans55 PRO
very cute doggie !!! :-))
Jul 02 2007 20:49 GMT Jagged PRO
That's one cool looking puppy. He looks like big fun.
Jul 02 2007 21:14 GMT torlau PRO
Ohh so beautifull dog..
So cute and loking nice..

Jul 02 2007 21:47 GMT Rickncalif
CUTE!! :o)
Jul 02 2007 21:50 GMT will
Growing so fast huh Suz?
Jul 02 2007 22:30 GMT BuckleBunny
Awwwwwwww... I wanna just go outside and play fetch with him!!! SO darned ADORABLE!!! Got some paws to grow into yet I see... ;)
Jul 03 2007 06:22 GMT handan
nice pose and lights; youll get big too soon leo; you ve to spare me some of those cookies
Jul 03 2007 13:24 GMT fotomark
cute dog
Jul 04 2007 01:04 GMT Studio88
A Real Cutie!!! Great Doggy Portrait!!!
Jul 05 2007 01:02 GMT jceca PRO
awwww .... what a doll !!!!!! :-)

bigggggggggggggg hug for you !!!!!
Jul 07 2007 17:37 GMT Vargen
Such a gorgeous little dog... He is adorable... Just look at those big beautiful eyes... Soooo sweet... ;-)

Jul 07 2007 22:59 GMT rosyapple PRO
He is so gorgeous - I could just kiss the top of his little head and rub his ears!
Jul 08 2007 16:41 GMT georgeunum PRO

Cute doggy ! Nice shot
Aug 13 2007 17:50 GMT sikobonden
What a cutie! Great shot!
Aug 15 2007 05:08 GMT Kaska
gorgeous looking :)
I remember when mine were so small....
Sep 15 2007 00:32 GMT BuckleBunny
He is just soooooooooooooooooooo darned CUTE!!!!! ;) :)
Dec 18 2007 13:23 GMT 88keys
All I've got to say is .. .. "AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" Such a sweetheart!


I'm a sucker for pups!
Dec 18 2007 21:17 GMT princessnot
This dog looks like my dog ;)) cute!
Jan 03 2008 19:30 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
Love this picture too. He is too cute.
Feb 03 2008 03:28 GMT VANILLAxxxTIGER
this is a really good shot
Mar 29 2008 22:53 GMT Italiana
Apr 09 2008 13:00 GMT amk4451
I wanna a Hug!! lol, what a beautiful dog. ;-)
May 03 2008 06:25 GMT victoto
oh no,..... should be prohibited upload fotos like this one.......shakes too violently my emotions......heheh.....SUZANNESMASH -YOU MADE IT INTENTIONALLY ! ! ! !
Jun 04 2008 07:20 GMT CPrex
So cute
Jul 11 2008 18:03 GMT carinmartinez
Jul 29 2008 18:23 GMT sirenans
Wow!!!!!!!!!So sweet dog!!!!!!!!!
Oct 02 2008 00:00 GMT LizSA
this is the same dog. as Senna sometimes post... His family in France has the same
species.... beautiful dog... huge feet..:-)
Nov 20 2008 06:07 GMT Cronos1
Dec 01 2008 17:09 GMT felixdakilla
wonderful capture!
Dec 08 2008 21:59 GMT PictureMaking
OMG!!! Sooo cute. :)
Jul 24 2009 02:36 GMT hbla PRO
cute beast! I love him!
Aug 30 2009 08:35 GMT amyplim
Jun 18 2010 07:04 GMT ankoz
how cute this dog! wonderful shot as well, truly captures the sweetness of the dog!
Sep 14 2011 07:02 GMT ierobofr

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and Sawiris’s bid of 16 Egyptian pounds a share, Cairo-based
EFG-Hermes said in a statement. That values the stake at 1.83
billion pounds ($256 million). The shares rose 1.1 percent to
15.37 pounds at the market close in Cairo, bringing their gain
to 17 percent since the June 5 offer.
replica hermes bags Sawiris’s New Egypt Investment Fund B.V is seeking to own
17.82 percent of EFG-Hermes after the purchase, which would make
it the bank’s biggest shareholder, according to data compiled by
Bloomberg. Local and foreign investors are preparing a rival
offer for a stake in EFG-Hermes, Al Mal newspaper reported
yesterday, without saying where it got the information.
hermes bags online EFG-Hermes said today that while it welcomes Sawiris’s
investment, the bank doesn’t favor consolidation with any of its
competitors in Egypt.
hermes messenger bag The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority will ask for
more information before it makes a decision on the offer,
Chairman Sherif Samy said in a phone interview today.
Confidence Vote
hermes birkin bag Sawiris, whose bid to acquire a stake in EFG-Hermes in 2012
failed after the investment bank’s shareholders opted for a
joint venture with Qatar’s QInvest LLC, said yesterday that his
offer is a “vote of confidence” in EFG-Hermes management.
The billionaire, who opted to sell most of his
telecommunications assets in Egypt after January 2011 uprising,
said his EFG-Hermes offer is the “first big investment” in
Egypt as the country moves “closer to stability and to
completing its steps towards democratic transformation.”
Sawiris said in December he plans to invest $1 billion in Egypt
this year in telecommunications, finance, microfinance and
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