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Caparica Beach and the Atlantic Ocean against the light...

watch out, here it comes..the Big Blue..
You are my inspiration in life.

hahah even a tiny bird in the horisont..i didnt crop it out..

Have a great start of our new week..

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 16 2007 12:59 GMT MCCCXIV
wow, amazing, I love that glistening light effect!
Dec 16 2007 12:59 GMT sini
Great sparkling view!:)
Dec 16 2007 13:20 GMT Pietje
Wonderful picture.......
Dec 16 2007 13:21 GMT handan
breeze !! fantastic background
Dec 16 2007 13:21 GMT nimbus
Dec 16 2007 13:36 GMT Bali
Dec 16 2007 13:37 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this looks very inviting right now - 6 inches of snow on the ground and freezing rain coming down!!
Dec 16 2007 13:38 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Bill, it feels strange that this was only two weeks ago..and now back in Sweden just cold and grey, typical Stockholm weather..and no snow..i miss now, at least it makes it really much brighter too and gives you possibilitis for a lot of outdoor things.. I miss that to..
Dec 16 2007 13:47 GMT rosyapple PRO
I look forward to breaking the waves with you dear girl!
Dec 16 2007 13:48 GMT josephnoel
Great photo
Dec 16 2007 13:50 GMT voodoo23
one of the place you may find eternal silence ;-)
Dec 16 2007 15:59 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice picture ...fantastic portuguese light !!
Dec 16 2007 16:43 GMT gilbertoxp
Beautiful piece of sea.....!!!!
Dec 16 2007 18:09 GMT Coccina
Wonderful shot.... Sooner I will go to see Atlantic Ocean too!!! What a pleasure to stay in front of it!
Dec 16 2007 18:33 GMT LizSA
Beautiful Light.... something are very special here.....
cannot explain it...
Dec 16 2007 19:07 GMT Studio88
Beautiful Blue Sea - Heading To Florida Early March - Both Coasts - South Beach and
Naples/Marco Island ;-))
Dec 16 2007 19:22 GMT sweetjane
wowwwwwwwwwww my dear absolutely great
Dec 16 2007 19:25 GMT slobodan
Dec 16 2007 21:15 GMT mariazinha32
beautiful silver
Dec 16 2007 21:31 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful sea and beautiful lights!:)
Dec 17 2007 01:13 GMT jceca PRO
looks like frost !!!!!
great .........
Dec 17 2007 04:06 GMT larrybenedict
Looks like a million diamonds on the sea. Can't imagine how you got this picture...kinda looks like Moon-light.
Dec 17 2007 04:24 GMT mkris0720
great shot..
Dec 17 2007 06:47 GMT Kurt
Oh yeah...I love the ocean...beautiful ;-)
Dec 17 2007 09:58 GMT Carlimauda
Dec 17 2007 10:16 GMT caferr
wonderful shot...
Dec 17 2007 14:22 GMT YesHello
Dec 17 2007 14:51 GMT gr3gor
Beautiful picture, beautiful sea
Dec 17 2007 18:40 GMT VinceHopson1
That horizon is spot on.

Not even a thousandth of a degree off kilter.

Absolutely level as any horizon would wish to be.

In fact,

If I was a horizon, this is exactly the one I'd choose to be.


you done good kiddo.
Dec 17 2007 18:43 GMT VinceHopson1

I think I'd crop about a sixteenth of it's height off the bottom edge...

just to get rid of that dark bit right at the bottom.

Dec 17 2007 18:45 GMT VinceHopson1
That crop I suggested will make the world of difference.

Dec 17 2007 19:18 GMT maduixa
Muy,muy bonita.
Dec 17 2007 19:20 GMT suzannesmash
HI VINCE...hahaha, yes I KNOW...i wanted to, but I couldnt do it...
and hey, it will make your life change too..
Dec 17 2007 20:31 GMT fredaFunSite
awww look at those sparkling water surface..soooo beautiful!!
Dec 17 2007 20:54 GMT svein
I grew up by the sea. Its always different from minute to minute, and from day to day....
Love your picture! Mycket bra!
Dec 18 2007 06:04 GMT gtc126
Spectacular Capture!!!!!
Dec 18 2007 23:12 GMT Archer
I can imagine that just shiny happy people live there. Would like to be among them...
Dec 20 2007 06:34 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Dec 30 2007 17:19 GMT Nippy
Excellent seascape
Jan 08 2008 23:31 GMT Vaneta
gorgeous view.
Jan 03 2009 19:43 GMT silversurfer38
Nice silver colours - great capture