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Sorry, I’m late..I missed ”memory thuseday”. So here I am, still many memories on a wednesday.

Lately it has brought me some reflective memories, how different things can be.
I change my occupation from being a nurse for almost 20 years…back to the
Computer/IT technology world. Well, I had a brake from my nursejob for 2
years studying IT and 1 year for working as a computertech consultant. But
after that the big IT bubble explode and all jobs dissapeard…so I went back
to be a nurse. My first years I did at that big emergency hospital, worked at
the big IR, oncology etc etc, to end up for some years in what became my
speciality – stroke and heartdiseases. Did almost 10 years there..
I have so many memories, so many human fates..I feel rich from that.
I’ve seen life come and go, I’ve been holding life in my hand. Some lifes
even ended in my arms
Peoples life has been our responsibility…to make the best out of it.

So, after that I took a decision to change place..I started to work at a nursering home
For old, sick people…a place for them to find peace and joy, being taking care of around
the clock, since they were to sick to stay at “home”… To have a meaningful day and life with
The help they needed to fulfill that for the last days, weeks and years of their lifes.

It was another 7 years..and now we are talking hard work, even more hard work..lol..
Since I easy becomes a workaholic too..
It was good years, I loved my work it gave me joy and It was always a inspiration too.
But I was tired, so tired..to always work during bad circumstances that only affected the
old and sick, to always have to struggle and never have time to do those small extra things.
And to being paid less and less with more and more to do..and not for mention all those
cutting here and there..less staff, less money, less recourses to the old…in the end we had
to do everything even clean all the floors, do all the laundry, making all the food, order all
equipments, clean all rooms etc etc AND..be a nurse too because they were still old and sick
but somehow the politicians had forget about that..at this point It didn’t even felt good
to wake up and go to work anymore, I lost my so ever patience..and I felt that it only
affected my patients.. And I had to make changes…I just couldn’t do it anymore, that
within itself was a kind of sorrow and loss, because being a nurse was a part me.

So, luckily after a time I did find this job I have been at now for some time..Im so thankful
and happy for that and I have the best time ever. BUT I will never ever forget what all those
years as a nurse have give me and I will never understand how I now can be payed so much
more for pushing buttons, pulling cables, administrate stuff and say things in finnish very fast..
Then people everyday working with saving lifes and with all that responsibility…
No..I will never do that..

So this pic, is from my last nursejob, on our way to lunch me and Miss Maria 97 years.
A very chic old lady..though she cant hear a thing (almost) and having heartdiseas, stroke
and the regular senility, she could be sooo lively and pushing with a vocabolary you never

my god did I wrote all this huh???

Ok. Nurse memories No 1 of 4 – Miss Maria.
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 27 2007 18:44 GMT smilin
Really enjoyed reading this..and a great photo too.:)
Jun 27 2007 18:46 GMT suzannesmash
Im in shock, did I wrote all that? LOL...thanks.
Well, when it all came up..i had so many memories too...so many people and so many years
Jun 27 2007 18:50 GMT Foggydew
so much personal history and very well spoken - and its all so true!!
Jun 27 2007 18:53 GMT Rasle
This is exactly why the nursering-staff in Denmark are on strike these day, they had enough.... They ask for more money, more staff, more respect... I hope the politicians will finally listen, these people are doing a great job and deserve to be heard!
Jun 27 2007 18:59 GMT klingklingeling
This can not be the story of Suzannes live. Never ever. I saw some Pics of her and for sure she can not have done so much hard work for sooooo many years ;-)

Hugs to you :-)
Jun 27 2007 18:59 GMT suzannesmash
Exactly Sandra, and I couldnt stand to see it...less money to buy stuff for them, medications, bandage, dressing etc etc...and less time over to take care of them since we had to take care of everything. Often working from 7-22...since they fired people and didnt hire any new ones.
It all started when big companies on the stock market took over the production in order to make it more effective...
Jun 27 2007 19:00 GMT suzannesmash
Jen, it comes fast with age and hard work...hahaha..

thanks, i love work though..and working..and I kind of miss being a nurse
Jun 27 2007 19:05 GMT klingklingeling
it was the truth you are a very very pretty lady and a very strong one too. ;-)

Go on doing things you really like. Live is too short for all those other things :-)
Jun 27 2007 19:25 GMT LizSA
Kling....I agree.....I fully agree.....the beautiful SuzannaSmash...
all I can do ...I take my HAT OF FOR YOU SUZANNA..... you are one of the angels in this world......the hard work......I know....old people is hard work...and
they do not appreciate all the effort....not always.....!!!
I hope and pray the politicians will stop looking at "other countries Political " problems and concentrate on their own .....
My daddy is 88 years......and I know....the older they get the more they need help....and the less are available to them......if you can pay....you have it all....but I feel in my heart with those that grow old without family...or someone to care....my Daddy...he is OK....always family and church and friends to visit him.....:-)) I smile because I recall him in my thoughts....
we bought him "Crocks"... to walk with.....big mouth about it...now he just love those shoes :-)) old folk...they bring a laugh and a tear....!!!
Jun 27 2007 20:00 GMT Rickncalif
such a wonderful stroll and reflection on your admirable, caring past Suzanne!!
Jun 27 2007 20:15 GMT suzannesmash
I hope that too Lizsa, i kind of miss being a nurse with all around it..
But I also have to think of my own health..and that i have to carry on with my life and even work for many more years...so..i really hope that they do, for all the old and sick..and for all to come in the future too...I dont know if i really want to get old..haha..
Ahh its those small things and memories that make it so much worth it.
Thanks Lizsa and hugs to you too!!
Jun 27 2007 20:38 GMT LizSA
I spoke to a lady.......over her fifties...Suzanna...all her working years...
worked with old people...today when she is retired... she has a problem with her back......
I agree....we must also look after ourselves....me .... too....I would not like to grow too old..specialy as a widow.....thank BE TO GOD....me and my husband
can enjoy our retired life together......and we are so very happy....!!!
take care of yourself Suzanna....!!
Jun 27 2007 21:06 GMT jomoud PRO
nice shot
thank you for your memories suzanne:)
It is the past that shapes our todays!!!!
Jun 27 2007 21:08 GMT aquascience
Thankyou very much for sharing,It was very interesting and quite sad too.
Thats the only thing bad about being single,getting old on your own and not having anyone to share lifes ups and downs with..................I have my daughter who i love more than words can say,but it would be nice to....................................
Jun 28 2007 05:29 GMT fredaH
great experient su. It will make us better at understanding human behaviours.
I like the angle shot here.
Jun 28 2007 17:39 GMT rosyapple PRO
What an amazing tale Suzanne! I empathize completely with you! The job thins the spirit in the end through lack of support and, yes, empathy!
Jun 28 2007 17:53 GMT jceca PRO
everybody said it all already ...
even won't to start the talk about money .....

this is something quite unique, suz ... and very nice gesture to these old ladies .....
Jun 29 2007 11:42 GMT VinceHopson1
You are a star, mate.
Jun 30 2007 01:21 GMT Hairlessman
...an image can do that...well written Suzanne...
Jul 01 2007 09:26 GMT suzannesmash
Vince, THEY are the stars...my heroes.
Jul 01 2007 09:26 GMT suzannesmash
Thank you all for your nice comments and thanks again Michael...
Jul 01 2007 13:06 GMT Studio88
Suzanne, I also enjoyed reading this!!! I dated a Nurse years ago and know the tiring long hours and hard work you endure on the job. That's why there's
a Nursing shortage here in the USA! Due to the shortage, the salaries
have climbed sky high and Nurses are finally being rewarded!!!
Thanks for the Memories!!!
Aug 13 2007 17:42 GMT sikobonden
Wonderful shot to accompany such a story of a beautiful heart. Well done.
Aug 13 2007 17:45 GMT sikobonden
Wonderful shot to accompany such a story of a beautiful heart. Well done.