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MY GOD, i got so close it scared me...LOL

But DAMN, its still YELLOW


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Comments on this photo:

May 25 2007 18:15 GMT YesHello
WOW! that is awesome suzanne! i see you got your new camera!
May 25 2007 18:17 GMT sayalio
I like this amazing job!
May 25 2007 18:17 GMT suzannesmash
Awwww thanks, I did even put the lens down to the flower, its super macro mode, lol...i have to do some practicing...
May 25 2007 18:18 GMT Friesland0Phuket
May 25 2007 18:21 GMT Molly PRO
Gorgeous shot!!
May 25 2007 18:25 GMT SimpleMind
...that's really scary!! LOL...... :D
May 25 2007 18:31 GMT suzannesmash
IT WAAAS...lol, i was deep down in that sunflower...(I bought it at IKEA) haha
May 25 2007 18:35 GMT Rasle
WOW great macro, lucky the sunflower isnīt the meat-eating kind lol ;-))
May 25 2007 18:37 GMT Crowy
Amazing macro...
May 25 2007 18:38 GMT SimpleMind
...at least you bought it.....! ;))
May 25 2007 18:38 GMT Vargen
Hey girl!!! Excellent sharp details here... I like the compo as well...
So, your new S3 IS works just great...... Hey, we have the same model... lol...
Regards... ;-)

Mr. Wolf
May 25 2007 18:41 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks sweeeety, I just got it...got a good offer for a kit, including some usefull stuff..I was looking and the neew S5 first..but it wasnt much that was the difference..ehee of course the price..LOL...
So now there is a lot of new buttons for me..
May 25 2007 18:41 GMT Nigel001
Amazing composition and details!
May 25 2007 18:46 GMT Vargen
Yes. I read the review about S5 IS... Just a few MP more... Everything else is almost the same... Except the price... hehehe ..... S3 IS is not complicated camera at all...
Enjoy in your new weapon.... lol...
Ciao.. ;-)
May 25 2007 18:48 GMT suzannesmash
I have a battle with 2 Canons now, LOL Im used to Sony...

May 25 2007 18:51 GMT Bali
Great close-up!!!!!
May 25 2007 19:03 GMT Lukesta
great shot of a really scary sunflower ;o)
May 25 2007 19:16 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wow - great shot!
you'll love this camera! congratulations!!
May 25 2007 20:04 GMT charlotte
they grow so early in sweden? beauty
May 25 2007 20:05 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Charlotte, Yes...lol at IKEA they do..and now at my balcony
May 25 2007 20:19 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA thanks Lukesta, I know...it was a scary moment, a YELLOW moment
May 25 2007 20:37 GMT hevychevy PRO
it so beautiful and alive
May 25 2007 21:15 GMT rosyapple PRO
This is like a whole new universe! Happy days!
May 25 2007 21:16 GMT suzannesmash
IKEA SUNFLOWERS...25 swedish kronor, pretty tall too..

May 25 2007 21:20 GMT rosyapple PRO
How many did you buy?
May 25 2007 21:21 GMT suzannesmash
Oh just one...I have pleeenty of others there already...
i just need some green fingers, do you have a left over or?
May 25 2007 21:26 GMT will
Totally frightening but beautiful..:p
May 25 2007 21:35 GMT rosyapple PRO
I think your fingers are pretty green anyway - at least they will be when you have been to the Emerald Isle!
May 25 2007 22:11 GMT jceca PRO
an awesome photo suz !!!!!!

but next time, DO NOT STEAL from my place !!!!!!!!!
and now i have to believe you it's IKEA ???!!!! :D
May 25 2007 22:14 GMT suzannesmash
LOOOOOL i did just see your pic..THATS TOO FUNNY....

I didnt know you worked for IKEA
May 25 2007 23:01 GMT Midworlder PRO
Well macro me up .... wonderful, but be careful with coffee macros .. I think you had an accident before ???
May 25 2007 23:21 GMT suzannesmash
Hej Roger, I did even noticed that it was hairy in the middle..hahahaha, ohh i will keep it in that neckstrap...ehee how did that sound?
May 26 2007 00:21 GMT Midworlder PRO
anything out of our lips sounds exotic :-))
May 26 2007 03:23 GMT sikobonden
Wonderful intimate shot. I love the detail and composition.
May 26 2007 10:24 GMT fletrik
awesome macro
May 26 2007 11:29 GMT Jakeobean
suzannesmash...fabulous macro of the sunflower...I can see that you are learning all the features of your new camera...great work..your talent and creativity keeps shining brightly.....
May 26 2007 14:38 GMT tuga2006
beauty shot.....very nice look
May 26 2007 22:43 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Nikki, flower is something ehee...new to me...lol
May 28 2007 13:28 GMT handan
nicelly composed; summer yellow
May 28 2007 13:31 GMT suzannesmash
A statue maybe? LOL
May 30 2007 14:37 GMT Archer
Wonderful close-up! Great composition too!
May 30 2007 14:38 GMT suzannesmash
Yeeeaah thanks, ive got a new camera...it feels great. And welcome back
May 30 2007 14:48 GMT Archer
Thanks Suz :) Congrats on new camera...New camera - new opportunities, and I am sure you will know how to use them all
Jun 05 2007 03:13 GMT dossantos
A different and nice angle of a fantastic flower. Well done.
Jun 14 2007 20:58 GMT Martijn
Wow .... now THAT is detailed.
Yellow looks gorgeous.
Jun 14 2007 20:59 GMT suzannesmash
HIIIII, nice to see you again. I just home again...and thanks..Ive got a new camera im trying to figure out. How is your camera doing?
Jun 14 2007 21:03 GMT Martijn
Mine is doing just like fine ... like me. :-)
Jun 18 2007 02:13 GMT Studio88
I Love My S3 IS - Cindy calls it "My Girlfriend"!!! Fabulous Shot!!!
Jun 18 2007 19:10 GMT csabesz75
Super!!! :-)
Aug 26 2007 13:11 GMT soldier
Sep 11 2007 21:32 GMT suMol
Great macro!
Sep 13 2007 05:19 GMT suzannesmash
thank you and thank you all
Jun 04 2009 04:28 GMT mrkevo
beautifully framed..........lovely image...well done
Jun 30 2009 12:31 GMT JMcKinley