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Im practicing with my Canon..LOL. HI, finaly a kind of quite evening..

Im so excited over thes...

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Im practicing with my Canon..LOL. HI, finaly a kind of quite evening..

Im so excited over these new cameras, friday Im picking up my brand new
Canon S5(3) IS, sorry Vince..lol, those lines you wrote you made me even
more confused. We have early summer weather here in Sweden, and everything
around is those swedish summercolors. I just love life so much...its a bless
to wake up and feel alive, breathing and of course the smell of fresh coffee

So, Ive started to packing my bags. I have to go and make a dream come true.
Got me a ticket to Ireland in two weeks...Its a deam coming true,
ive thought and dreamd about it for so long. And now, its time.
I have plans for Dublin, Cork and Cobh..
Im going to breath and kiss some historical places.

And HEEY Im more then greatful for every advice of things to see, do
or just breath.

But, the best to come...July, ive got a ticket to Venice (Kixxxx Stella).
Its going to be a lot of..shooting
i think, think im turning japanese...woohoo i really think soo..
(its a song..daahaa).

Independent Irish awsome music:

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Comments on this photo:

May 22 2007 17:54 GMT botticcelli
the pic is fantastic..going to listen now.. :-)
May 22 2007 17:56 GMT botticcelli
the song is just beautiful it sounds to me as a Bruce Springteen Style..the singer has so similar voice
May 22 2007 17:58 GMT suzannesmash
Awww they have a lot of great songs botti, thank you...go listen to more of the music..They got a great song called "easier in the morning" for me, the best one from them.

May 22 2007 18:02 GMT klingklingeling
Oh wow, i hope you will have a very great time, where ever you go. I am sure you will find wonderful places and even more beautiful Moments you will never forget. :-)

Oh btw, i posted some coffee :-)
May 22 2007 18:04 GMT woooigottafightcominup
You sure know how to turn it on.
May 22 2007 18:12 GMT rosyapple PRO
Very feminine pose!
May 22 2007 18:14 GMT sweetjane
yuyuyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehehe really sexy portrait!! hy dear!! :D
May 22 2007 18:19 GMT suzannesmash
hold your hat, or i mean more hats on the way...LOL,
May 22 2007 18:19 GMT Rasle
wauuuu very sensuel Suzanne, and wonderful skin colour !
May 22 2007 18:19 GMT jolie
nice ehh.. cam!
May 22 2007 18:24 GMT grimp PRO
Nice to see you back.
In Eire, go and kiss the Blarney stone. Nobody will resist your speech after that.
May 22 2007 18:25 GMT suzannesmash
Aww thanks, oh yes it is that stone you are suppose to kiss...hahaha I will, i will walk in some Titanic steps too...
May 22 2007 18:32 GMT fotomark
really nice
May 22 2007 18:33 GMT wileaux
Exquisit pic! Do hope you enjoy the 'Haemorroid Oil' ! ;-)
May 22 2007 18:33 GMT wileaux
Exquisit pic! Do hope you enjoy the 'Haemorroid Oil' ! ;-)
May 22 2007 18:49 GMT grimp PRO
See here, it's quite acrobatic. I did it too back in '81. I think the efects have gone by now!
May 22 2007 18:51 GMT suzannesmash
Oooh thanks, well go there around the 10th of june...LOL and we can
do it together..
May 22 2007 19:02 GMT suzannesmash
Better when that camera isnt moving around? LOL
May 22 2007 19:31 GMT LisaSam67
very beautiful again sweety! so happy for you to be looking towards a great adventure in life!!! GO FOR IT!!! make those dreams come true!!! it's a FAB feeling!!!!!!!!!!!
May 22 2007 19:46 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks friend, i owe you a beer or two on that brewery..
May 22 2007 20:11 GMT suzannesmash
Cant you see it? LOL my good im going to SHOOT Ireland out and down..
im going to snap myself to death...
May 22 2007 20:14 GMT Elise
Stunning Lady Suzanne:)
May 22 2007 21:04 GMT Vargen
Hey girl, have a great time there... Enjoy in beer!!! ....mmmm... A lot of Irish beer.... And whisky of course.....lol....
All the best...
Ciao... ;-)))

May 22 2007 23:48 GMT peterpinhole
This IS a nice surprise to see you again!! Great portrait! Hope you have a great trip and the weather is good for you :))
May 23 2007 00:05 GMT ccoco
Yes, please youst practicing with your new camera. You have great feeling to do some great (breathtakening) photos.

May 23 2007 00:45 GMT Jakeobean
suzannesmash....congratulations on your new camera....last year, Linny and I visited Ireland....it was so beautiful and the people were marvelous....Don't miss Trim...it has the castle where Mel Gibson filmed BraveHeart.....beautiful...
May 23 2007 06:40 GMT rock
Nice, nice, nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 23 2007 09:32 GMT Kurt
I love it...;-))
Also the other ones from your new apartment....I like your style of decorating ;-))
May 23 2007 11:01 GMT brummieboy
As always .. so, so beautiful ...... lovely to be back to see you ... Phil
May 23 2007 13:44 GMT x
bel profilo toracico
May 23 2007 19:49 GMT JJAP
May 23 2007 19:51 GMT garynumber1cleaner
hi suz .. howrya ? ;-)
May 23 2007 19:58 GMT McSwain
You are sexier than ever, Suzanne.. And your pix are juste lovely. As always. Haven't been in here for a while (to busy with facebook...). But nice to see you. :-)
May 23 2007 20:16 GMT XoTesoX
= ]
May 23 2007 22:39 GMT Cascavel
Great portrait SS.

Have lots of fun in Ireland and have some good Irish beer with some of my long lost relatives. ;)
May 24 2007 07:23 GMT abojovna PRO
I wish to you a HAPPY vacantion in Ireland, dear Suzanne!
May 24 2007 08:51 GMT Dorado
Bonita foto, CHICA GUAPA .................................... + SEXI ...............................
Thank You
May 24 2007 11:14 GMT conart
May 24 2007 17:27 GMT YesHello
I love your blouse!
Have a great journey!!! i'm envious!
May 24 2007 20:31 GMT JDA74
Well, I'm speachless too, waouh............
May 24 2007 21:52 GMT fletrik
May 24 2007 22:29 GMT Macrat
Alluring to say the least!!!!
May 25 2007 07:40 GMT juanse
simple sensuality.
May 25 2007 08:02 GMT fredaH
wooowww very sensual!!!
and sexy!! hihihi.
May 25 2007 16:21 GMT ghadeer
can I...???
May 25 2007 19:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
very sensual - fantastic pose!!
May 26 2007 06:38 GMT brummieboy
Breathtakingly beautiful ...
May 28 2007 19:54 GMT peterheaven
You are blessed.You have the power of nature.Have a nice trip.You are happy to visit those historical places.Thank you for the music.
May 28 2007 19:55 GMT peterheaven
And I forgot to tell you the mean .You looks great.
May 30 2007 18:40 GMT damansara71
You're soooo sexy! Beautiful potrait!
Jun 18 2007 19:12 GMT csabesz75
Nice! The lady looks good. :-)
Jun 18 2007 21:33 GMT gillandtony
Mmmm nice picture
Oct 13 2007 10:00 GMT vicky4you
most beautiful
Oct 13 2007 10:00 GMT vicky4you
most beautiful
Oct 13 2007 19:51 GMT suzannesmash
Thank you very much, lol...it was just a good day
Oct 16 2007 22:20 GMT cking
Sorry, I'm getting carried away here.
Nov 11 2007 10:04 GMT caferr
well done...
Dec 30 2007 10:43 GMT Educando
I liked the subtlety of the green bright eyes and and same green in the necklace elements....
Dec 30 2007 17:08 GMT suzannesmash
thanks, its seashells in the necklace..
Feb 07 2008 14:33 GMT stilostan
So you are going to visit my Dads birthplace in Ireland, Cork City & Cobh. I have over 60 cousins in and aound Cork and Blarney. You will really enjoy Ireland my friend so have a Guinness and Coffee for me :-))
Nov 29 2008 04:05 GMT larrybenedict
I don't know how I missed this one....way back when.
Jan 08 2010 20:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Dec 31 2012 05:19 GMT ghadeer
I don't know what to say...all I can say is "LUCKy HIM"..!