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You know that Iíll stay high
Iíll drink coffee Ďtill I die
Donít pour me wat...



You know that Iíll stay high
Iíll drink coffee Ďtill I die
Donít pour me water just fill up my cup
You know it takes a lot just to keep me up
Cost may be more than you care to pay
What good is money compared to fightiní pain
Donít try to cheat
Itís impossible to beat
The only pick me up thatís here to stay
I got those Java blues
Coffeeís got me
Java blues
Oh coffee, coffee, coffee

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Comments on this photo:

May 10 2007 20:49 GMT SimpleMind
you've been in a coffee shop ..?? ;))
May 10 2007 20:50 GMT suzannesmash
LOOOL...many times dear, have You?
May 10 2007 20:50 GMT Mia87
this is great, simple but original :)
May 10 2007 21:01 GMT SimpleMind
naaaaw.....not really.....I think I don't need so much of this stuff... ;)))
May 10 2007 21:06 GMT rosyapple PRO
Your kinda t-shirt - did you buy one?
May 10 2007 21:26 GMT suzannesmash
there are aaaall mine...LOL its at my place..and my clothes hanging...
May 10 2007 21:34 GMT rosyapple PRO
May 10 2007 22:15 GMT Rasle
I want a "M∆LK" T-shirt (Mślk = Milk) lol :-))
May 11 2007 07:06 GMT woooigottafightcominup
That will wake you up!
May 11 2007 15:26 GMT Bali
May 11 2007 17:44 GMT fredaH
even shirt got coffee...mmmm ;PPP
i like that shirt.
May 12 2007 06:40 GMT hbla PRO
ohh, lovely art! I need one of these!
have a nice morning :)
May 12 2007 06:48 GMT sweetjane
hey hey nice shot and t-shirts!!!
May 12 2007 07:02 GMT Kolaia
Ah, I do understand coffee need. I have this craving also. I like the photo.
May 12 2007 07:07 GMT suzannesmash
coffee cravings are just great...lol
May 12 2007 07:56 GMT handan
bet everyone rub their eyes seeing this in the office
May 12 2007 19:43 GMT suzannesmash
LOL...they are soo so kind and wonderful to me there
May 13 2007 03:52 GMT juanse
do they all say kaffe? one for each day of the week? cool foto...
May 15 2007 03:33 GMT sikobonden
Awesome. Wear the love.