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My neighbours cat is being veeery nosey about WHY
and HOW  I was laying down,
crawling around o...

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My neighbours cat is being veeery nosey about WHY
and HOW I was laying down,
crawling around on the ground early in the morning
taking pics.
And she didn't give up trying
to smell my lens all the time..LOL..

sooo cute, I wish she would have been still for just a sec or two
to make a sharp shot of her, but..better luck next time.

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 14 2007 16:56 GMT ichigiku
so cuuute... i love such cats:)
Jul 14 2007 16:57 GMT suzannesmash
awww me too, its a sacral burma...the most beautiful cat i know..
and with such a great temper and behaving..
Jul 14 2007 16:57 GMT maguzz
and, what do you think, how is the lense smelling to her ? ... ;-)))
Jul 14 2007 16:58 GMT suzannesmash
heeey she was into it...LOL and then when i pointed the lens to her, she ran away across the street...
Jul 14 2007 16:59 GMT peterheaven
There's nothing to sorry about.The picture is perfect.And you model too.
Jul 14 2007 17:03 GMT Vexy
söööt :D
Jul 14 2007 17:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice to meet your new friend
Jul 14 2007 17:07 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Well yiu l be lucky next time but I coffee this one lol
Jul 14 2007 17:10 GMT maguzz
haha ... cats are sooooo cool ... ;-)
Jul 14 2007 17:13 GMT stuboy
Big blue eyes :)
So sweet
Jul 14 2007 17:20 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful photography! Nice cat!

Thank you for comment, my friend!
Jul 14 2007 17:29 GMT Bali
He,he!!!!!!So cute:)
Jul 14 2007 17:36 GMT beckbonn
Jul 14 2007 17:48 GMT hans55 PRO
great captured !!! :-)
Jul 14 2007 17:53 GMT fredaH
i has blue eyes!!!!!
hihihi sooo cute!
i'm home darling su ;))
Jul 14 2007 18:48 GMT pp11364
Great shot!
Jul 14 2007 19:59 GMT jceca PRO
what a faceeeeee !!!! :-))
great .......
Jul 14 2007 20:00 GMT Archer
It's easily seen...She liked the smell :)
Jul 14 2007 20:05 GMT Milibuh
Purry shot :)))
Jul 14 2007 22:00 GMT Pietje
Wow it`s fantastic shot................
Jul 14 2007 23:34 GMT Vasca
Cute kitty!!!
Jul 15 2007 00:33 GMT suzannesmash
You home now??? aaawwww welcome home...
YOu have been soo missed, you hand hold shots of
NY is just aaawwww...so, you with a tripod....cant wait
Jul 15 2007 02:43 GMT Rickncalif
I had an old girlfriend that looked like that after a couple of drinks,,,,,,,,,
Jul 15 2007 05:18 GMT suzannesmash
Im sorry for that Rick, lol...meeeowww...
Jul 15 2007 12:36 GMT will
she's laughing at you it's plain to see...or maybe too much coffee for her suz??
Jul 15 2007 12:40 GMT suzannesmash
Will, she just made me miss my cat soooo much....Ive got one exactly the same, home north...i had to leave him there because he is so sensitive for changes..and i have moved so many times living in this metropol of Stockholm..
Jul 15 2007 12:44 GMT will
Many times when i look at 'king red' I think of you, wishing he were yours and could be with you, he's really your cat..:-))
Jul 15 2007 12:51 GMT will
I know you can't really replace one you love so much suz, it isn't so easy..:-(
Jul 15 2007 16:45 GMT sweetjane
Jul 15 2007 22:13 GMT dolors
Jul 15 2007 22:30 GMT corainna
asck your neighbour if theyr cat have som relatives in Romania coz i have a cat same! callet Snoopy! :):):):):
Jul 15 2007 23:52 GMT handan
funny funny one; if you come to close :=haaha
Jul 16 2007 02:11 GMT BuckleBunny
Awwwwwwwww... what an ADORABLE kitty... I've always wanted one of these Himalyans (sp???), they have the most beautiful blue, blue eyes!!! ;) :) You know that saying about... curiosity and cats... hee hee hee... NICE capture!!!
Jul 17 2007 01:35 GMT LisaSam67
soooo cute
Jul 25 2007 21:16 GMT janos
Cute big blue eyes! :))
Aug 27 2007 16:01 GMT Sterretje
hihi :o) love his big blue eyes and the close up
Feb 09 2008 16:40 GMT eclcris
hehe =) beautiful cat!!!
Feb 09 2008 16:43 GMT suzannesmash
thats, she really is...those blue blue eyes is just irresistable
Feb 27 2008 22:20 GMT Maurabia
like delft china bone !
Mar 23 2008 21:54 GMT Kalina
so sweet :)
Mar 31 2008 22:47 GMT photocharles
congratulations suzanne you are with this pic in FT featured photos
May 14 2008 21:11 GMT saurier
Wooooonderful portrait!
May 30 2008 21:36 GMT gosienka
what eyes:)
Nov 01 2008 16:11 GMT kmphotography
awwwww, sweet!
Nov 14 2008 13:54 GMT FLiNduR
cute ^^
very beautiful blue eyes!
Jan 02 2009 09:27 GMT JohanB
Ol' blue eys...
Stunning !!!
May 07 2009 00:31 GMT SunnyRea
awww I love your kitty :)
Aug 05 2009 10:15 GMT judyss
sweet lady...
May 19 2012 09:47 GMT odobodalaur
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