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My velvet revolver


I am already dizzy, upside down, inside out...

Have a wonderful weekend....

"My velvet revolver" is the name of my blogsite..maybe I tell you more about that later.
I enjoy writing and the meaning of words...to handle words, to
play with words, to taste words. Words are wonderful and so precious.
So be careful with your words...

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2007 23:32 GMT stuboy
I know how you feel.
Aug 02 2007 23:36 GMT suzannesmash
Like "fall to pieces" with Velvet Revolver? I love that song..
Goodnight stuman, give Divvy a big KISS
Aug 02 2007 23:42 GMT stuboy
He's buggered off.......
I didn't have any food for him.

He's just using me :(
Aug 02 2007 23:46 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Hello green eyes...have a coffee
Aug 03 2007 00:10 GMT Rickncalif
tilts my head............hey Suz! lol
Aug 03 2007 00:11 GMT Swede4
In so, the eyes are such a beautiful green.
Aug 03 2007 04:49 GMT brummieboy
Those eyes ..........................
Aug 03 2007 05:51 GMT zeem
Anti-gravity trick!
Aug 03 2007 06:16 GMT suzannesmash
It's a blurry, cross processed confusion...lol, or i mean, upside down
Aug 03 2007 06:22 GMT shutts777
r they real? Such an interesting face, and ur photos are neat too! u hav a g w'end too
Aug 03 2007 06:23 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You, and have a smashing weekend you too
Aug 03 2007 06:26 GMT Hamin PRO
This is a face that can shake the thrones of kings,
This is the face of an angel flying, not even needing wings.
If the eyes indeed are the windows of the soul,
Then this face has made your spirit whole .................................... Hamin
Aug 03 2007 06:29 GMT shutts777
I haven't heard SMASHING for years, soooo English! Lovely sunny w/e here in Ozzie..get the camera out!!!
Aug 03 2007 08:25 GMT BuckleBunny
Hey... there is a very cool song that goes with your eyes... I don't recall who sings it... it's classic rock... "Green Eyed Lady"... do you know it?! ;) :) Just love your mesmerizing eyes here girlie... this is a very cool angle and capture of you!!! ;) :)
Aug 03 2007 09:10 GMT torlau PRO
Hej Zusanna !
You do it again and again ! - Your picture tells so much.
And I see you are going in a new fantastic dimension with your picture and the new camera. Lovely colours and composition all the way. Greatings from Denmark.

Aug 03 2007 10:20 GMT sweetjane
my sweet angel!!! what a beautiful portrait!!
Aug 03 2007 13:53 GMT YesHello
awesome portrait!!!
Aug 03 2007 14:08 GMT VinceHopson1
Will you do Waterloo too ?

Aug 03 2007 15:27 GMT rosyapple PRO
Good day Miss Dizzy Green Eyes!
Aug 03 2007 20:51 GMT Macrat
Magtig, maar jou oe is pragtig - Oh my, but your eyes are beautiful!!!!!
Aug 04 2007 04:05 GMT Studio88
Hi Suzanne! You look Great in every position - ;-)
Good to be back and see you're smiling face!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!
Aug 04 2007 08:26 GMT LaCamille
Did read you latest entry at work and I was laughing so much that my
friends at work got worried about me *asg*
pusspuss från alla oss här, call you later så att säga och neeeej
jag är inte alls irriterad över att snava på målsnöret, du vet väl vilken god förlorare jag är
Aug 04 2007 09:25 GMT bezginkuh
add me bezginkuh@yahoo.com
Sep 08 2007 21:28 GMT BuckleBunny
... Then you reach the part... where the heartaches come... the hero would be me... hee hee hee.... ;) :) Love this shot of you... need to take it into my fav'ssssssss... I can't wait for your visit... we are gonna have a BLAST... and MANY pictures to laugh over for YEARS to come!!!!
Sep 08 2007 21:45 GMT suzannesmash
i like that part with, you wont read that book again because the ending is to haaard to take...haahaha...got it in my ears now....YEEES and tons of pic i can tell for sure
Dec 17 2007 21:17 GMT nimbus
i love words either...