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No 11, has to be my door..LOL, it fits a 5'4 old, silly women!
sorry, I ment baglady..hahaha but still only two of them.

Dont I just look like a tourist hahaha..but
where is the coffee?

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 10 2007 22:16 GMT angusimages
tourist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha nice snap
Dec 10 2007 22:18 GMT suzannesmash
yeees..i was a plain tourist hahaha
Dec 10 2007 22:27 GMT Milibuh
Great shot in a dcz style !!!
Dec 10 2007 22:31 GMT Felixthecat
Nice picture, with all these bags ... I wonder what kind of equipment you use Suz. :)
Dec 10 2007 22:39 GMT suzannesmash
Well, the crumpler is for camerastuff, the bagpack..ehee..is other usefull stuff
Dec 10 2007 22:49 GMT suzannesmash
I tried to take the door with me, wall or not..but it was impossible..
so, i really need some tools next time, for the tiles too..
Dec 10 2007 23:20 GMT nimbus
my lady d'arbanville.........

cat stevens

i am listen this one right now, and just to like to share with you gyes.

nice picture suzanne.
what are you try to do here?
Dec 10 2007 23:22 GMT suzannesmash
I LOVE CAT STEVENS...woohoo...write me back when You can ok?

I was trying to just..hold a lil to that cute door..haha
Dec 10 2007 23:34 GMT merce
ha, ha, ha
I love Cat Stevens too!!! (Now, named Yusuf Islam)
Dec 11 2007 07:27 GMT DannyBoy
you seem too tall :) I like Cat Stevens too :)
Dec 11 2007 16:03 GMT LaCamille
S ST ;-))
Dec 11 2007 17:26 GMT fredaFunSite
sooo cute!!!
5'4..that would be my height...i'm not sure lol.
I just notice that my height is not 5.'1''
its 5'3'' or 5'4'' LOL

I'm having problem with this feet feet height.
get used to CM.
Dec 11 2007 17:27 GMT suzannesmash
My god, she is growing and im shrinking...LOL
Dec 11 2007 17:29 GMT fredaFunSite
me or the old women?
If i was growing that's because of shoes shopping ;D
Dec 11 2007 17:31 GMT suzannesmash
HAHAHA, i need to grow too..but i will save that for US and NY..
Dec 11 2007 18:29 GMT rosyapple PRO
I see you had clog weather!!
Dec 11 2007 23:56 GMT suzannesmash
we sure did, about 18 degrees and sunshine
Dec 11 2007 23:59 GMT rosyapple PRO
O my, what I would do now for 18degrees! Your photos have been lovely so far!
Dec 12 2007 00:01 GMT suzannesmash
it was a perfect break from the daily things and weather around here...thanks Jude.
I will try to find time for looking at them too...
Dec 12 2007 15:12 GMT YesHello
great photo!! i just love your shoes!!!
Dec 12 2007 23:53 GMT Lucky222
You mean a back pack lady?
Dec 13 2007 02:02 GMT Studio88
Great Shot of a Very Beautiful Bag Lady ;-))
Dec 13 2007 09:10 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Cool door! Nice natural shot!
Dec 14 2007 11:57 GMT aquiles PRO
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
Dec 14 2007 21:38 GMT sweetjane
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh once again i like to look at this one
Dec 15 2007 11:09 GMT Vargen
'' Dont I just look like a tourist hahaha..but
where is the coffee? ''
Here is a nice cup of coffee for you...
I don`t know how you missed this one... lol... ;-))))))
Dec 19 2007 02:27 GMT gwen83
You looking good...............