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love coffee
Tags love coffee

880 views 6 people's favourite photo

With my phone cam some time ago.
Those baristas can certainly surprise
You sometimes..

But still the same song..

Do you believe, my friend, in what you claim
People of the world all doubt the same
Bringing questions of their own
Truth is written in the stone

In the stone you'll find the meaning
You're not standing tall
In the stone your light is shining
Ever touching all

Life experience a passing day
Time will witness what the ole folks say
Getting stronger every day
Strenght is written in the stone

Deep inside your heart for You to keep
Lies a spark of light that never sleeps
The greatest love you've ever known
Love is written in the stone

True love is written in the stone
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 10 2008 18:13 GMT bennystr
I love your coffee... :-)
Jan 10 2008 18:13 GMT piskins72
beautiful Suzanne!!!! lovely words too :-)
Jan 10 2008 18:14 GMT suzannesmash
Earth Wind and Fire, in the stone..great song..through so long time..
Jan 10 2008 18:19 GMT mariolina
lovely coffee here! :)
Jan 10 2008 18:19 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha its coffee everywhere right now, i have it in my hand too..
Jan 10 2008 18:27 GMT LizSA
Love coffee..... OOOHH... and we are all going to meet in Kaska's Kitchen for
a home cooked meal and COFFEE made on the wood burning stove... :-))
:-( wishfull thinking.. :-(
Jan 10 2008 18:29 GMT Cronos1
snow-white heart, in a black Universe...
I think you have a great heart,...
and I think I need a coffee.
Jan 10 2008 18:32 GMT dulce316
I love your coffee too! :)
Jan 10 2008 18:37 GMT nimbus
...what are you saying people in coffee time?
...i love coffee time!
Jan 10 2008 18:48 GMT Carlimauda
I really love this one......yummie!!!!!
Jan 10 2008 18:49 GMT charlotte
Jan 10 2008 18:51 GMT abojovna PRO
Lovely heart!
Jan 10 2008 18:58 GMT asprilus
Jan 10 2008 19:08 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
How cool is that! Get on da game Suz, we got some new players!
Jan 10 2008 19:23 GMT suzannesmash
Jan 10 2008 19:30 GMT SamWiseWoahZay
Jan 10 2008 19:50 GMT Uli06
I like this kind of "paintings" on the top of the coffees....
Just enjoy it !
Jan 10 2008 19:55 GMT LisaSam67
stuboy's giving you a run for your money woman!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2008 20:33 GMT noirza
now that is a wonderful photo ^_^
Jan 10 2008 21:17 GMT suzannesmash
IM BAAACK...damn, i can see you been throwing a lot..LOL..
Jan 10 2008 21:29 GMT YesHello
look at all that talent !!!! : D
Jan 10 2008 21:47 GMT piskins72
You gotta keep the flag flying for the girls!!!!!!!!!!!! I aint having much luck at the moment lol !! but least I beat Sam first lol ;)
Jan 10 2008 22:23 GMT suzannesmash
IM STUCK at 95 meters..how ever i do i cant get any further..lol
Jan 10 2008 22:24 GMT piskins72
i know!!!! its so hard!!!!!!!! check out the forum!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2008 22:31 GMT Firecrest
Nice painting !!
Jan 10 2008 22:45 GMT sayalio
I love Your coffee too!!! :-)
Jan 10 2008 23:21 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Excellent - an artist at work!
Jan 10 2008 23:31 GMT mariazinha32
coffeeeeee...is so good for you and me of course
Jan 11 2008 00:57 GMT mavik
Lovely! Would be hard for me to sip that coffee thinking that I will ruin that heart!
Jan 11 2008 03:05 GMT leoarcov
yes, yes, and we hope our innerself brings out our best. and if not that we may be able to deal with the worst.
Jan 11 2008 05:14 GMT suzannesmash
I meant that all love and respect we search for to get...we in the end, find within ourself..its there it starts, to love yourself, respect yourself..before you can
share that with others to the fullest..
Jan 11 2008 05:15 GMT Lucky222
This was done is perfectly!!
did you do it??
Jan 11 2008 05:24 GMT suzannesmash
Thank You, and No..im innocent to that fluffy milk heart.
Jan 11 2008 05:33 GMT Lucky222
Well, sure was nice of you to take photo...
must of being delicious...
Really liked your comment above, it is so true...
We can only expect to receive as much love as what we give.
and in that respect it truly is better to give than it is to receive..
Even so it doesn't always work that way...
Let's just be happy that we have family and friends whom to love...
Jan 11 2008 09:07 GMT rock
lovely pic!
Jan 11 2008 11:46 GMT saverioscatta
This is an superb coffee
Jan 11 2008 14:09 GMT hevychevy PRO
fasinating image there Suzanne :)
Jan 11 2008 14:38 GMT vladofly
beauty and taste, 2in1 splendid!
Jan 11 2008 18:07 GMT Cronos1
Have a great weekend !
Jan 11 2008 18:46 GMT Maurabia
love in coffee
so delicate
Jan 11 2008 20:16 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent suzanne
Love the capture and the words.
I need that today.
Jan 11 2008 22:18 GMT aquiles PRO
UN CAFE MUY AMOROSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 11 2008 23:49 GMT svein
A nice cup indeed !!!
I make cafe latte every morning to my wife when we get up half past six... So tomorrow it will be with that hart on top...:-))
Jan 12 2008 00:29 GMT something
Jan 12 2008 00:37 GMT suzannesmash
Im having cider and abereer it waaaa such along day at work
Jan 12 2008 03:32 GMT gtc126
Lovely Capture!!!!
Jan 12 2008 05:23 GMT Studio88
" True Love" Coffee - Romantic Image ;-))
Jan 12 2008 16:19 GMT granitbiscut
So True. Living life after peeling away the layers and letting that spark out to shine is the most freeing thing a person could ever do !
Jan 13 2008 11:36 GMT KiX
Lovely! :)
Jan 20 2008 20:50 GMT Reich