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A part of my Christmas decorating, this one on my table..

I like it simple...less is always more..haha, it seems
I cant say that enough..

Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend out there!

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Comments on this photo:

Dec 15 2007 17:39 GMT bennystr
Yep, less is more... :-)
And this is beautiful!
Dec 15 2007 17:40 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLA Y DELICADA DECORACIÓN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 15 2007 17:42 GMT Felixthecat
This kind of flowers make me think of spring Suzanne, but it's a good idea this time of the year ... in a few days we will pass the shortest day and longest night, so this flowers can symbolize the new life wich will come in a few months.
Have a peaceful weekend to.
Dec 15 2007 17:42 GMT jceca PRO
where did you find them in the blooming phase ???
some great garden over there ... :-)

beautiful indeed !!!!
Dec 15 2007 17:45 GMT suzannesmash
its Christmas hyacinth bulbs i did put in some rocks...they smell wonderful too..
so much christmas from one lil thing...
Dec 15 2007 17:46 GMT suzannesmash
they grow so fast, i did put them there about 4 days ago..and now they are blooming..
Dec 15 2007 17:48 GMT nimbus
thanks dear for your lovely comments and for you added me to your fav. pict.:)
i hope yoy have a wonderful weekend too...
I like this pic because just you said, its simple and seasonable...:)
Dec 15 2007 17:50 GMT suzannesmash
Thanks Dear..Im off this weekend so I even hope i will get some time for taking
some pictures around here too..but it feels strange to change from the Lisbon part..
to all this around me here..
Dec 15 2007 18:05 GMT Ro73
Fanciful decoration!
Dec 15 2007 18:45 GMT Adamus
Wonderful picture.
Dec 15 2007 18:49 GMT mariolina
lovely!!! a great week end to you too!!!
Dec 15 2007 18:58 GMT peterheaven
Beautiful flowers.I supose they are like your mood now...
Dec 15 2007 19:20 GMT santaslittlehelper
If I try realy hard I can smell them...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM nice.
Dec 15 2007 20:09 GMT Jaapie PRO
Flowers bring out the sun, even on cloudy days. Wonderful image.
Dec 15 2007 20:15 GMT dcz
nice decoration.
Dec 15 2007 20:15 GMT Minou
Beautiful decoration !
Dec 15 2007 20:38 GMT PeterLimmen
Very beautiful hyacints, with Christmas they will be grown up and smell nice
Dec 15 2007 20:42 GMT PatNolan
Very nice Suz.
Dec 15 2007 21:23 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Feliz Navidad
Dec 15 2007 22:40 GMT Nodster
what a delicate little flower - very cute!
Dec 16 2007 05:42 GMT PhotoPro PRO
hope you're having a great weekend!
Dec 16 2007 10:10 GMT Anland
Looks great!!!
Dec 16 2007 13:44 GMT rosyapple PRO
Very pretty, fresh and aromatic! Nice taste, you have!
Dec 16 2007 16:00 GMT iyerhari
very beautiful!!!
Dec 16 2007 18:36 GMT LizSA
.... flowers are great...! and good taste ..:)
Dec 17 2007 14:24 GMT YesHello
very beautiful as you are!!
Dec 18 2007 04:42 GMT Lucky222
And they look so elegant with the bow, do you feed them? and how often?
Dec 19 2007 02:26 GMT gwen83
Sweet one.................
Dec 19 2007 19:50 GMT jomoud PRO
Sometime I like less:):)
Other times I want more!!!!:):):):)
Nice shot sweetface