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Today, I pimped our fancy coffee machine at work.

The probably kill me tomorrow morning..haha.

And tomorrow its a big day and morning here in Sweden.
It is Lucia, the day of the Saint Lucia - Saint Lucy of Syracuse.

And we celebrate it with - the way of light, as It is and should be.


it looks something like this all over Sweden

from early morning at work, offices, malls, streets,
churches, schools...everywhere.


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Comments on this photo:

Dec 12 2007 21:54 GMT DIGITALOOKING
beautiful shot Suzan :) i had lots of coffee today and its funny because everytime i drink coffee i remember you :)
Dec 12 2007 21:55 GMT mariazinha32
this is so beautiful......
thank you for the link also. enjoyed reading it :-))
Dec 12 2007 21:55 GMT suzannesmash
Thats good that you have lots of coffee, im been decorating our office the entier evening...LOL even the coffee machine..
Dec 12 2007 21:56 GMT zeba
incredible work!!! beautiful capture!!!
Dec 12 2007 22:04 GMT Keitology
Dec 12 2007 22:11 GMT piskins72
lovely picture!!!
Dec 12 2007 22:18 GMT maguzz
and how did you pimped it, with this love-star ??? cool ... why should the kill you for such a lovely idea ?!? ... good news, at the moment we have two packs of starbucks coffee at home, not milled yet ... but latest on x-mas we start it (i hope so) ... ;-)))
Dec 12 2007 22:21 GMT Nodster
The followers of Freud could read a lot into this image! ;o)
Dec 12 2007 22:27 GMT suzannesmash
hahaha, yeah I know. love.
Dec 12 2007 22:29 GMT suzannesmash
with this christmas lighting..all over, they are not used to it..they are MEN..haha..
awww, and hey..you will get some special swedish christmas coffee from Zoegas.
Dec 12 2007 22:32 GMT maguzz
seeing forward ... that smashes ... ;-)))
Dec 12 2007 22:33 GMT suzannesmash
Made cookies too, ginger cookies..then painted them with frosting and nonstops..
sooo much fun..haha
Dec 12 2007 22:42 GMT Felixthecat
So ... this was your work today, lol (and the coffee machine)
Enjoy the singing tomorrow morning!!!
See you around ...
Dec 12 2007 22:44 GMT Znuber
Lovely macro - beautifully captured:-)))
Happy Saint Lucia day - tomorrow in Malta it is also a Public holiday - It's Republic day:-)))
Dec 12 2007 23:09 GMT masqui
Great heart in red!!!!
Dec 13 2007 02:04 GMT Studio88
Red Heart - Great Shot - Happy Saint Lucia Day ;-))
Dec 13 2007 02:13 GMT jenylew
Enjoy your special holiday! Looking forward to some photos of it! :-))
Dec 13 2007 15:32 GMT YesHello
lets see the outcome of your decorations in the office!! i love this light!!
Dec 13 2007 20:04 GMT rosyapple PRO
Oh I have these lights too -have a lovely day of light! That lady was so dedicated!
Dec 13 2007 20:25 GMT bengan
När jag blir rockstar så vet jag vem som ska fota omslaget. Det har jag sagt förut.

God Lucia fröken!
Dec 14 2007 11:56 GMT aquiles PRO
great celebration !!!!!!!
Dec 15 2007 19:00 GMT peterheaven
Keep the light of the heart shining on,Suzanne.Have a nice holidays.Greetings from Bulgaria.
Dec 15 2007 19:35 GMT VisionThing
Nice heart. :)
Dec 19 2007 02:26 GMT gwen83
So lovely..............
Dec 19 2007 23:03 GMT tadieubone PRO
lovely !!!! beautiful heart !!