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Beautiful coloured noisy birds, always around
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2014 14:17 GMT Lalbabu
What a capture !!!
Apr 12 2014 14:17 GMT softimage
super Joan!
Apr 12 2014 15:13 GMT julie13
Wow, excellent timing :)
Apr 12 2014 17:05 GMT superJoan
The Australian birds are so colourful...captured some great shots while away Thanks
Apr 12 2014 17:06 GMT superJoan
many thanks.. I am posting all my birds from Australia first
Apr 12 2014 17:07 GMT superJoan
Home again at last Thanks...Lots of bird photographs taken in this colourful land
Apr 12 2014 17:12 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Apr 12 2014 17:14 GMT superJoan
Many thanks...The birds were so beautiful.. and friendly too friendly at times...
Apr 12 2014 17:16 GMT fhelsing PRO
a wonderful photo!
Apr 12 2014 17:25 GMT superJoan
Fleur many thanks...I wish that we had such colour in our English birds...it was a pleasure to see them all in Australia....easy to photograph as there are so many of them...
Apr 12 2014 17:28 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Amazing photo - what a wonderful bird!
Apr 12 2014 17:39 GMT superJoan
Sylvia they are not popular over in OZ.. We loved them...they are noisy and come in flocks in the large trees.Galahs form huge, noisy flocks which feed on seeds, mostly from the ground. Seeds of grasses and cultivated crops are eaten, making these birds agricultural pests in some areas. People are called Galah's if they are a fool or an idiot,
Apr 13 2014 10:07 GMT MargNZ
Excellent capture Joan . I had forgotten how colourful Australian birds are :)
Apr 13 2014 14:54 GMT Snappa1
Nice 'flight' shot
Apr 13 2014 18:36 GMT Labkhand
Wow !
Apr 13 2014 20:07 GMT Annamaria
Great catch, Joan!! Just beautiful!!
Apr 13 2014 20:19 GMT jmcdh
Fantastic shot
Apr 15 2014 21:55 GMT nothingthing
Nice picture wouwww :) we dont have them in DK
Apr 17 2014 09:07 GMT Littleollie
Great captures Joan. I hope you enjoyed your 'long-haul' holiday and your health was up to it.
I am still not over these birds after five years of living in Australia. The Galah is also known as a Pink and Grey Parrot. The Kookaburra and the Rainbow lorikeet, (also known as 28's, I don't know why that is), which you have posted captures of, have 'self-migrated' through South Australia and into Western Australia. My Australia Birds book was last undated in 1983 and shows the Lorikeets area to be from Far North Queensland, down the East Coast and around to Melbourne, so in less than thirty years they have moved around the coast to at least half way up the West Coast as well as their more traditional areas.
There are birds found on the east coast but not the west and in the far north but not the rest of Australia, and many other variables; coming from New Zealand I find that amazing, just shows how big the continent of Australia is, and you have seen more of it that I have, and I live here. :-)
Apr 17 2014 09:54 GMT superJoan
John thanks or the information. we certainly have seen some wonderful parts of Australia...We have been to all the states now.. and am not sure that we will make it again.. the journey was so traumatic...enjoyable though and I managed it albeit not 100% fit all the time....over far too quickly. Home now to a beautiful Spring, our Bluebell woods full of glorious blooms and wonderful aromas... Lots more Australian wonders to post....
Apr 20 2014 18:07 GMT gtc126
Now this is a Awesome Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 29 2014 19:17 GMT lovxoxmusic
so pretty love it