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The long tailed tits have again visited the garden, such pretty beautiful little birds and they come in groups...The long-tailed tit is easily recognisable with its distinctive colouring, a tail that is bigger than its body, and undulating flight. Gregarious and noisy residents, long-tailed tits are most usually noticed in small, excitable flocks of about 20 birds. Like most tits, they rove the woods and hedgerows,and large gardens...
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 22 2012 21:33 GMT hans55 PRO
great catch ...fantastic reflections Joan !!
Feb 22 2012 21:35 GMT Papagena
Great to have such lovely visitors Joan !! I have to look if they are also coming to Switzerland.
Feb 22 2012 21:37 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful reflection Joan....:-))
Feb 22 2012 21:38 GMT superJoan
Hans many thanks...so pretty and they come in flocks of about ten to our garden at the moment..but are so quick..hard to capture....
Feb 22 2012 21:38 GMT superJoan
Ruth many thanks for the favourite
Feb 22 2012 21:39 GMT superJoan
Wijnie we have some very pretty birds at the moment, must be the cold weather bringing them to the bird table..thanks
Feb 22 2012 21:58 GMT julie13
This is awesome
Feb 22 2012 23:09 GMT saffi9
nice catch joan
Feb 23 2012 00:32 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a sweet entry!
Feb 23 2012 02:26 GMT peterpinhole
Very nice visitors to have. Sweet catch!
Feb 23 2012 02:48 GMT potterjo
pretty bird, and nice reflection creation
Feb 23 2012 06:52 GMT Pea2007
Great reflections entry.
Feb 23 2012 07:11 GMT Bigbear10
Superb reflective capture Joan
Feb 23 2012 07:51 GMT sheasoru68
Totally brilliant shot Joan,...so difficult to even see these guys, let alone such a cracking shot like this.
Feb 23 2012 08:40 GMT hallo
Very nice entry!
Feb 23 2012 09:05 GMT MargNZ
Delightful birds Joan ... nice entry :)
Feb 23 2012 10:35 GMT sini
Great entry!:)
Feb 23 2012 12:16 GMT superJoan
Julie they are so pretty thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:17 GMT superJoan
Saffi all the pretty birds are coming into the garden at the moment..four Gold Finch this morning, but by the time my camera was set up they had long gone...Thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:18 GMT superJoan
Fleur many thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:18 GMT superJoan
hunju many thanks for your continued support...
Feb 23 2012 12:19 GMT superJoan
Peter we are so lucky to have pretty little birds visit the garden, but then it is a 5*bird table..thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:21 GMT superJoan
Jo many thanks...they are so quick..soon gone...but My camera was sitting all set up for this one...
Feb 23 2012 12:21 GMT superJoan
Peter many thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:22 GMT superJoan
Tony Barrie said this morning we should be going to Attenborough as all the birds are around at the moment....thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:23 GMT superJoan
Joe they are very quick..but come in flocks so usually one or the other are feeding....thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:24 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Hallo
Feb 23 2012 12:25 GMT superJoan
Thanks Margaret, Actually this was taken through two windows from the living room and through the conservatory windows too, so I was well pleased with the results..
Feb 23 2012 12:26 GMT superJoan
sini many thanks
Feb 23 2012 12:26 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful bird, Joan!! All birds besides the sparrows disappered out of my garden.... they now find their food elsewhere...;-(
Feb 23 2012 12:33 GMT superJoan
Annamaria hope they are all still around in our garden in May..or maybe not we will never get anywhere...Thanks..
Feb 23 2012 12:51 GMT happysnaper
Great shot of the long tail Joan.
Feb 23 2012 13:15 GMT bandsix
Great shot Joan...we have them at times, and their chatter is so funny isn't it? they are real comedians....:)
Feb 23 2012 15:01 GMT jomoud PRO
A true wowser of a photo.
Magnificent entry and straight into my faves.
Feb 23 2012 16:00 GMT elsje323
lovely bird shot and reflection entry
Feb 23 2012 16:07 GMT superJoan
Tony many thanks
Feb 23 2012 16:08 GMT superJoan
Barbara they chatter as they fly...thanks
Feb 23 2012 16:08 GMT superJoan
John thanks ...One of my favourite birds..they are so pretty....
Feb 23 2012 16:09 GMT superJoan
Many thanks Ida....
Feb 23 2012 16:17 GMT Annamaria
You will keep us busy, Joan!! ;-)) No time for the birds... maybe for the squirrels..;-)
Feb 24 2012 15:28 GMT martini957
Precious little bird....awesome reflection too